Well & Good

The ugly secret I kept for a decade


After all, what right have I, who was handed everything on a silver platter, to be a screw-up?

This top model's dark secret New Zealand's deepest, darkest secrets

Support key to huge weight loss

weight To lose 100kgs like Petranoff Smith takes dedication, but also supervision and people on your side. | 100kg down, more to go

Your joy, my bundle of nerves

joy One person's joy is another's burden, and we'd all do well to honour that.

Shedding 100kg - but more to go

Petranoff Smith Breakfast used to be 16 slices of bread, 16 eggs, bacon and cheese. Not any more.

Slow and steady or fast and hard?

Cardio Once upon a time, steady state cardio was the answer to losing weight. Now, there are options...

How to be healthy AND social

Donuts Are your friends ruining your virtuous lifestyle choices? Here's how to conquer the cravings...

Gut instincts

Could the way we are born influence how healthy we will be in later life?

Exercise: a great mood-booster

Getting fit makes you smarter

Ew, gross: Gym etiquette 101

sweat Please exercise decorum next time you're working out - and yes, that means curbing the grunts.

5 exercises for toned arms

Scared of bulk? Don't be. Bored of push-ups? Stop them. These moves will tighten your arms in no time.

10 ways to shake up your workout

Sisters do it for themselves

Secrets to stopping stress

Eating lunch at your desk. Texting at dinner. Replying to emails in bed. Does this sound like you?

Dancing on the edge

Rachele Brooke Smith Actress draws criticism on social media for yoga videos on a narrow, 25-storey-high ledge.

Is your mind here or elsewhere?

Our minds now carry large loads and are over-stimulated, but help is at hand.

Five steps to happiness, not!

Overcoming postnatal depression

Special needs 'part of life'

Our girl is autistic and not what we expected, but what child is? We wouldn’t change a thing.

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