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Six reasons to be happy


A teething baby and an election put Moata in a funk this Sunday. But then she focused on the important things ...

What's the secret to happiness? It's family Happiness is inherited

6 facts on fat - it's not all bad

fat Oh the countless hours we spend resisting it in our food, resenting it on our hips, and shaking it out of our system.

Beautiful MRIs of the body

Wonderful videos show the body like you've never seen it. Spoiler alert: tongues are kind of amazing. Wonderful videos show the body like you've never seen it - swallowing, blowing a trumpet, kissing.

The three key aspects of fitness

 most people have aesthetic reasons for seeking out a personal trainer and previously this fitted right in with what I did. In the past, I've helped people lose weight and do it fast, get fit, tone up, find their abs, calorie restrict and calorie count, over-exercise and 'push through it'.  But recently, after what you might call an epiphany, I've been thinking a lot about the bigger picture. Yes there are aesthetic reasons for getting in shape, but we need to look at the big picture to achieve wellness.

7 tips to prevent kidney stones

kidney The pain is searing. They come on quickly. They're terrible. Here's how to stop them in their tracks.

5 foods that boost your body

Veg Nutrition can be confusing, but these five foods make it easy by looking like the body part they're good for.

My treadmill desk left me cold

I harbour a gnawing suspicion that treadmill desks are the wrong solution to an important problem: too much desk time.

Eating for pleasure no more

The emotional eating myth

One month in: Bootcamp ladies

fitness We catch up with the South Auckland women overhauling their health four weeks into their 12 week regime.

My obsession with CrossFit

Grunting, followed by banshee yelping. Later: deep, satisfied exhaling. Welcome to The Box.

Tackling our 'niggling jiggle'

Burn calories at your computer

Sisters do it for themselves

Lorna Burch and her sister Amy are making a stuff challenge pact to take their health and fitness seriously.

Setting sail for happiness

Open water If ever you're doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you've already come, writes Rob Henderson.

10 ways to feel more positive

Is positivity innate or can it be learnt? An expert says practice these tips and you're halfway there.

Jyoti Morningstar: How I keep well

Stay positive - it's good for you

My movie motivators

When it comes to a philosophy for life sometimes you need go no further than your favourite blockbusters.

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