Smart kids more likely to try pot

During late teens brainy children were more than twice as likely to drink alcohol regularly and persistently than those ...

Clever and curious teens are twice as likely to drink and smoke cannabis, English study finds.

Activities most likely to kill

You’re far more likely to drown in the water than get killed by a shark, so why are we more afraid of the latter?

What is most likely to kill you? Forget sharks, even mooching around the house has risks associated with it

Exercises could be hurting you

Don't do kettlebell swings unless you really know how.

Some exercises and other things you're doing in your daily workouts could be hurting you.

Dangers of work-life merging

A new study shows that workers who are always 'on' are risking their health like never before.

A new study shows that workers who are always 'on' are risking their health like never before.

Can you eat mouldy food?

An unpalatable Strawberry

Toss out bread and soft fruit, but cheese is OK.

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Nutritional labels added to beer

You'll be able to find carbohydrate and calorie content on beer labels.

As of Friday, local brewers will voluntarily add dietary information.

8 health tips from a 95-year-old

Our life expectancy is increasing, but are we staying well?

Smart kids more likely to smoke pot

Daily activities most likely to kill

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'I want to show my girls they can do anything'

Gendi Dwight starts her fitness journey with Total Sport.

Bad habits crept back into Gendi's life and she put on weight. Now, she's vowing to get fit again - the healthy way.

Sweat flies at NZ's biggest CrossFit comp

"In the middle of a workout you're thinking, what ... am I doing?!"

The life expectancy gap between men and women is shrinking across the developed world.

Life expectancy: who'll live longest?

Life expectancy is predicted to pass 90 by 2030 - but just where does New Zealand rank?

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Good days, bad days and 'meltdowns'

The Sim family, from left, Cathy Kiely, her son Jesse Sim, and Philip Sim.

Mum sometimes cries and wonders "why me?". But then her autistic son Jesse brings a flower and says, "mum, love".

Start your day with a rave? video

Pre-work dance parties in Auckland are giving a new meaning to the term "nightclub".

Craig Harper makes his way over the Wairau River Bridge and into Blenheim.

Eyes on prize, and post video

He's gunning for a world record, but he reckons he can beat the mail too.

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