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10 ways to feel more positive


Is positivity innate or can it be learnt? An expert says practice these tips and you're halfway there.

What's the secret to happiness? It's family Happiness is inherited

My treadmill desk left me cold

Treadmill desk I harbour a gnawing suspicion that treadmill desks are the wrong solution to an important problem: too much desk time.

My obsession with CrossFit

crossfit Grunting, followed by banshee yelping. Later: deep, satisfied exhaling. Welcome to The Box.

Eating for pleasure no more

Green juice With more people slavishly following healthy trends, are we forgetting food is something to be enjoyed?

Jyoti Morningstar: How I keep well

jyoti_strap The founder of yoga fashion brand We’ar stays healthy by doing yoga, swimming and surfing.

The emotional eating myth

Cookies Although people believe comfort foods can have mood-altering effects, the truth of the matter is they don't.

Super spinach has it all

I'm with Popeye when it comes to super foods, few things can beat the versatile leafy goodness of spinach.

Celebrity baby bump pressure

5 things to know about sleep

Burn calories at your computer

office How can we activate our bodies and burn kilojoules when we are chained to the chair?

The cheapest masseuse ever

Shoulders achy? Calves tight? Foam rollers let you give yourself a deep-tissue massage

WIN: Be stuffed no more

10 tips to help couch potatoes

Tackling our 'niggling jiggle'

Amy and Jason Jeong are taking on the Stuffed no more challenge to lose weight and put a zing back in their steps.

Tried and tested happiness

Happiness Allanah Robinson doesn't claim to be reinventing the wheel but her top tips for happiness are worth sharing.

Today's happy cry: A mum's love

This video that captures the moment an Alzheimer's patient remembers her daughter is pure love.

I wanted to stop but couldn't

The value of our breath

Stay positive - it's good for you

Your emotions don't only rule your head, they can affect your health too (and in very real ways).

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