Meet the world's largest hips

01:26, Jan 24 2013

A mother of four in Los Angeles, California, who stands at just 1.63m, has set a new world record for the world's largest hips, according to the World Record Academy.

Mikel Ruffinelli, 39, weighs 190kgs and her hips have a circumference of two-and-a-half metres. She says she "loves her curves", that "big hips run in her family" and with every one of her kids "came more hips".

She adds that she feels "no reason to diet" and regularly consumes 3,000 calories a day. But she does exercise by dancing with her three daughters in between studying for a psychology degree.

"I look great," she told the Daily Mail. "I hope I inspire women to think, 'She's happy with her body, I can be too'." 

But despite her positive attitude, her 254 centimetre hips do cause problems. Barcroft TV reported that she needs to drive a truck, struggles fitting through doorways and has a hard time standing for long periods of time.