We all need to embrace our inner Rebel

00:37, Jun 17 2013
Rebel Wilson
REBEL YELL: Rebel Wilson at the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2013.

How much do I love Rebel Wilson? Words fail me, that's how much. But I know someone who loves her just as much: Rebel Wilson. And I mean that in a good way. She has what we all want for our daughters - high self-esteem.

No wonder she was the first actor to be cast in Pitch Perfect - as the box-office name who would bring in the punters. From the moment she turns up in front of the stand for an all-girl a cappella group at a college fair, she owns the screen because she owns the body she's standing in. No apologies.

She was hilarious in Bridesmaids too - and that was up against fellow funny fatty Melissa McCarthy - for which she was nominated for an Academy Award and a BAFTA.

SHOW STOPPER: Rebel Wilson at the MTV movie awards.
SHOW STOPPER: Rebel Wilson at the MTV movie awards.

What's that I hear? Is it a rustle as people flinch in shock because I used the word fatty? Well, fatty fatty fatty FATTY. Because that's what's so beautiful about these women - they wouldn't give a flying pork chop about being called that. Wilson is called Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect and doesn't look like she minds any more than the character does.

She and McCarthy own their size, they're happy with it, and if anyone else thinks it's funny - great. Laugh with me then hand over that Oscar. And it is laugh with me. That's the difference these brilliant women are making.

There has been a long tradition of plus-size comedic actresses - Hattie Jacques (the matron in Carry On Doctor) being a particular favourite of mine - but they were more figures of fun to be laughed at for their body shapes.


Rebel and Melissa - and, blazing a trail before them, Magda Szubanski and Dawn French - are in on the joke. In fact, they're making the jokes. And by owning the word ''fat'', laughing about it, making it a ''thing'', they're taking the hurt out of it. Just as gay men took back ''queer'' and black hip-hop stars claimed the N-word, taking over its power by making it OK to say - but only by them.

If fat stops being a taboo word, that must be a good step along the way to changing our ridiculously rigid ideas about body shape.

Now I do know Ms Wilson was, for a while, the spokesperson for a certain ''weight-loss and nutrition'' company, which was a bit disappointing in light of all of the above. But she gave up the no doubt lucrative contract not long after signing for Pitch Perfect because part of the film deal was that she didn't lose any weight. They wanted Fat Amy, not Slightly Rounded Amy.

She hasn't shown any sign of losing weight since, but it wouldn't matter if she did. While no one should be judged by their weight, if they want to change it, that's fine too. It doesn't make them a better or worse person, just a different dress size.

Dawn French lost seven stone (44kg) a couple of years ago, has now put two back on and says she was happy with her body at all the weights. She's just conscious of keeping an eye on it as she gets older for the undeniable health implications.

So how does Rebel Wilson look in her outfit for the Glamour magazine awards? Glamorous.

She's working Adele-style in a high-waisted Marina Rinaldi dress and an up do, set off by a very cute pair of pointy pumps that perfectly showcase her well-turned ankles.

The only thing I would change is to wear slightly stronger make-up. She's got the mouth for a pop-out red lippie, and I'd like to see smokier eye make-up set against her creamy skin and blonde hair.

So she looks great - and even better at the end of the evening when the outfit was accessorised with her Glamour award for film actress of the year. Next, I want to see her on the magazine's cover.

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