100 bikers show up at birthday party of Australian teen with cerebral palsy video


Motorbike enthusiast Zane Evan, 13, has birthday of his dreams after 100 bikers show up at his party.

Some 100 bikers in Australia have given a teenager the coolest birthday any 13-year-old could ask for.

Zane Evans is a motorbike fanboy, so his mum decided to put a social media call-out for anyone with a Harley Davidson to "pop by" his party in their bikes.

"It would absolutely make his day if you could pop by McDonalds Eaton around 12.40pm to give us a wave and a bit of a rev," she said. "The louder the better!"

A motorcylist wishing Zane a happy birthday.
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A motorcylist wishing Zane a happy birthday.

Less than 24 hours later, the community in Bunbury, NSW, came through for Zane, who has cerebral palsy. 

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The revs from dozens of motorcycles filled the air as hundreds of strangers arrived to spread cheer on the teenager's big day.

About 100 motorbikes revved past Zane on his birthday.
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About 100 motorbikes revved past Zane on his birthday.

The birthday boy waved his arms in joy and wore a broad smile, as each bike rode past him, some stopping to give him gifts including a Harley helmet and T-shirt, and others shouting out "happy birthday".

Some chose to simply rev their engine, giving him a rush of delight.

The Bunbury community commended the biking community for getting behind such a beautiful cause.

"[This] truly brought tears to my eyes. What a heartwarming and beautiful thing to do for this special little man ... so proud of the Bunbury bike riders right now," wrote one user.

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"Zaney is my great nephew and to see how much love he has around him on his 13th birthday is so, so beautiful, thank you all so much," wrote another.

"I have been watching this post since last night, the response was immediate and massive. Has truly warmed my heart to see what a community is willing to do for one boy most have never met," someone else said.

"This absolutely shows what the city of Bunbury is, we are not only a community but a family that supports and cherishes every moment we have together," posted one resident.

 - Sydney Morning Herald


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