Gwyneth's weight loss detox tips

22:43, Jul 29 2013
Gwyneth Paltrwo
GWYN'S TIPS: Paltrow works out at 10am every day - without fail - and says we should think of it as a routine, like brushing our teeth (nice idea, but most of us are otherwise occupied working at 10am, Goop).

Actress-and-lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her lean body shape and for being a fan of fitness and healthy eating - and she thinks a detox is a great way to stay slim. Although doing one did once make her hallucinate - and that doesn't sound healthy.

"A detox is a great place to start before a diet. My doctor, Alejandro Junger, recommends a detox once a year to rid organs of processed food and environmental toxins.

Gwyneth Paltrwo
TOO FAR: Paltrow says one extreme diet detox made her hallucinate.

"His theory is that the gut (your system of digestive organs) is the root of good health. It contains about 80 per cent of your body's serotonin - which regulates appetite - so you're more likely to lose weight when it's working properly," she explained.

"This year I chose the Elimination Diet, which meant no additives or processed foods for three weeks. I've done juice cleanses in the past, and in my twenties I did the Master Cleanse, which left me hallucinating after ten days. Be aware: a juice detox can crash your metabolism and lead to future weight gain."

The American star is a devotee of trainer Tracy Anderson's workout method. Gwyneth has even gone into business with Tracy as a result of her ability to tone and shrink the female form.


"Keep up consistent exercise. I am dedicated to the Tracy Anderson Method and it has completely changed my body. Still, when I first started working with Tracy, finding motivation was hard. She advised me to think of exercise as an automatic routine, no different from brushing your teeth, to avoid getting distracted. Now it is part of my life - I exercise Monday to Friday at 10am and always stick with it. I'd also recommend concentrating on moving more - we sit for so much of the day," she advised.

"Choose to walk or take the stairs, or briskly climb a hill in the evenings. It creates good muscle tone and boosts your metabolism."

Paltrow says she also has a beauty trick to help her look slimmer.

"One of the best cheat products I have found for the body is a tinted moisturiser called Prtty Peaushun. It is shimmery, which gives the illusion of contour; you can see muscle definition," Gwyneth told UK newspaper The Telegraph. "It is great for legs too, and leaves skin looking really hydrated. I wore it on my stomach when I was filming Iron Man 3."

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