7 foods that reduce PMS

OUCH: A few dietary changes may prevent this from happening to you.
OUCH: A few dietary changes may prevent this from happening to you.

Are you the type of person no one would dare cross at a certain time each month? Or maybe you're the one writhing in pain?

Whatever the symptom may be, there's good news. Certain foods like bananas and yoghurt have been proven to reduce PMS symptoms. That means no more belly bloat, out-of-control cravings, and cranky mood swings - hallelujah!

So before an emotional (irrational) outburst gets you, stop it in its tracks.


Calcium is known to reduce tension and muscle spasms that causes cramping and can even prevent the pre-period sulks. Try eating three servings of calcium-rich foods a day like yoghurt, low-fat milk or cheese to help ease the pain.


Known to get a bit snappy? Make sure you're including foods that are high in the fatty acid, Omega 3. It helps to keep stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline balanced, which means you'll be less likely to be wearing your cranky pants.

Sunflower Seeds

Embrace vitamin B, because it's known to alleviate PMS symptoms like bloating, cravings, tiredness, and mood swings. Sun flower seeds are a great source of thiamine (vitamin B), but alternatively you could take a B6 vitamin supplement.


Fight gloominess with magnesium-rich foods like bananas! Magnesium helps regulate serotonin, the happy neurotransmitter in the brain. You can also snack on spinach, tofu cashews and artichokes.

Whole Grain Bread

Let's face it, carbohydrates are what we all feel like and turn to for a little comfort. But the good news is, whole grain foods like breads and pastas are complex carbs with lots of vitamin B which is great for increasing serotonin levels and fighting off the grumpy blues.


There's many teas that can help with those nasty monthly symptoms. Chamomile tea is known to reduce stress and anxiety, peppermint tea will help with nausea and juniper berry tea is known to reduce bloating.

Flax Seeds

Not only are these little seeds a good source of Omega 3, but they also contain phytoestrogens which binds to estrogen receptors preventing stronger estrogen from forming. So a handful of these seeds a day will help balance out hormones, enhance your mood making your day a happier one.