Dan Carter's 7 top fitness tips

THE DAN IN THE MIRROR: Carter likes to mix up his fitness routine.
THE DAN IN THE MIRROR: Carter likes to mix up his fitness routine.

Even when he has time off, All Black Dan Carter says he struggles to stay still.

During the Christmas break he can be found paddleboarding, or taking baby Marco for a walk ("Marco loves going for long walks," he tells us).

Summer provides a variety of alternative fitness activities, and Carter encourages Kiwis to make the most of this opportunity to get out and about.

Here are the All Black star's summer fitness secrets:

Try something different:

"Because we're doing rugby specific training for most of the year, this time of year is a chance to do some different types of training. The guys often go for a bike or a swim. I love paddle boarding, I spend a lot of time doing that - it's great for fitness, great for the core, and a lot of fun as well. That's where I'll be this summer - on my paddle board!

Eat well to train well:

"Nutrition is a huge part of healthy living, and being able to train most days. It's a great tool for recovery. If you want to train a lot, you have to eat well. I love eating organic, fresh foods. I love having a smoothie after training as well."

Don't restrict yourself too much - it's about balance:

"[All Blacks] follow fairly strict dietary requirements during the year, and I'm all about balance. I think during this time of year you have to indulge in the Christmas and New Year festivities and let your hair down a little bit. It's all in proportion, of course, but you've got to enjoy life, and not worry too much. I know I'm definitely going to burn off the extra calories come January, anyway!"

Fitness is not "one-size fits all":

"There are so many body types and fitness types in rugby. You've got the fittest guys like Richie [McCaw] and Conrad [Smith], then you've got other types of fitness... the guys who are animals in the gym. Those guys can do all sorts of crazy things in the gym!"

It only takes 20 to 30 minutes a day:

"Exercise is a very important part of living a healthy lifestyle. It only takes 20 - 30 minutes, just getting outside, being active. You can do it by yourself - squats, burpees, lunges, go for a run, or even a walk. Just being active makes a difference.

Get out there: 

"If I wasn't injured... it'd be all about getting outside for a run for me. I love finding bush tracks - there are a few around Lake Taupo, which is probably my favourite place. But wherever you are, there are tracks, it's all about being outdoors at this time of year."

High intensity workouts:

"High intensity workouts are a lot of fun. You obviously want to spend as much time with family and friends as possible [during holidays] and doing these workouts you can get a huge sweat on and get the heart rate going for 20 to 30 minutes."

- In fact, last week Carter, along with Jockey Performance, hosted a free outdoor Les Mills 'Grit' workout in Auckland, with more than 250 people attending. Grit is a very powerful 30-minute workout series that offers Plyometrics, Cardio and Strength classes that are definitely high intensity.

To celebrate summer Jockey have a special deal on at the moment meanig that if you buy any Jockey product you can get a free month of 'Grit' at any Les Mills around the country; find out more here.