Now this is inspiring: Weight loss video

An obese woman says she transformed her body and soul after completing a pledge to exercise every day for 100 days, losing two dress sizes in the process.

San Francisco woman LaKeisha Shurn, 32, posted a YouTube video of her 100 day journey which she said allowed her to find love in herself. .

At the beginning of the video, she said she felt "depressed", "unattractive", and was "stuck in a rut".

Shurn started out at 315 pounds (142 kg), and on day 78 had slimmed down to 299lbs (135 kg) - leaving the "300 club".

By day 100, Shurn had slimmed from a size 26 to size 22 and lost 18lbs (8kg), but perhaps the most inspiring change is in her attitude - she seems so happy. 

She is determined to continue her exercise diary into 2014 for a total of 365 days.

"All I care about is the goal and achieving that goal for better," she wrote on Facebook.

Her progress is uploaded to the website with daily snapshots of her workouts.

We've just got one message all the way from NZ: you go girl!