7 hangover myths busted

16:00, Jan 24 2014
GREASY AS: Mmmm fried goodness - surely a hangover is the perfect excuse to indulge, right?

Hair of the dog, greasy late-night snacks, a next-day powerade - it seems everyone has their own method on preventing a hangover after a boozy night.

But if these sound oh-too-familiar and you're sure you can beat a hangover at its own game, think again.

We've busted seven popular hangover myths to help keep your health on-track this long weekend.

1. Wine won't give you a hangover

Now if you've ever stuck to drinking wine for an evening out, you know exactly how your head feels the next day - not good!

Unfortunately, sulfites - which occur naturally in the wine making process to prevent spoilage - can cause sensitivities to some people, resulting in a headache.


But tannins can also be to blame. They're found in the skins and seeds of grapes and can increase the level of the happy mood booster, serotonin, which can also to be the culprit.

2. Pain killers before bed will prevent a hangover

Wrong. Not only is pain relief like ibuprofen and paracetamol harsh on your stomach and liver, but it's most likely to wear off before you wake up.

There's also no research to suggest that it removes alcohol from your system. So whether you take them or not, you're likely to still witness that terrible hangover the next day.

3. Sport drinks are the best drink for a hangover

They might taste great, but that's because of all the sugar they contain. Unfortunately, you won't actually get anything good from drinking one.

You see, a hangover is primarily caused by dehydration, so the best drink to take is an effervescent hydration tablet.

It's a great way to treat dehydration and provide energy by replacing any glucose and electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride) that becomes lost from drinking alcohol.

4. You and your male friend can go drink for drink

Definitely don't try this one. Alcohol disperses in body water and because women have less water in their bodies than men do, the blood alcohol concentration in women will tend to be higher.

This means if you're trying to out drink your male friend, chances are you're going to get tipsy quicker.

5. Eating before sleep will lighten a hangover

Fried, greasy food might seem satisfying after a night of drinks, but it sure won't cure that pounding head the next day.

As it goes, you need to have food in your stomach before you drink to help stave off a hangover.

This is because, without a full tum, alcohol will go straight into your bloodstream. In fact, tucking into fries and a cheeseburger will only make you feel nauseous when you wake up.

6. Hair of the dog cures a hangover

This myth has been around for many years, but don't believe a word.

You might feel like that next-day beer gives you an instant pep, but what it's actually doing is just delaying the inevitable.

The more you drink, the more alcohol will remain in your system and will only cause an even worse hangover later.

7. Wine is better for your health than beer

Red wine has recently been praised for its benefits, with studies suggesting that a glass or two a day can lead to a longer, healthier life.

But when it comes to the beverage choice that's better for you, beer might be in the lead.

Not only can a drink in moderation protect against heart disease, Alzheimer's and bone deficiencies, but beer also contains more vitamins than wine.

There's vitamin B from barley, B12 from bacterial growth and the antioxidant, selenium, is in there, too.

- PopSugar