Meet our new gym motivation ...

00:33, Apr 23 2014

We almost skipped the gym this morning, the sweet lure of the snooze button staring at us ... but then this video popped up in our Facebook news feed and it made us jump out of bed and get moving.

The video features the motivatingly strong body of Massy Arias, aka Mankofit, a social media fitness personality with 1.25 million Instagram fans. She was born in the Dominican Republic, but her career was borne of the popularity of Instagram - Arias is one of the many people who have built a profitable brand from 'fitspiration' videos and photos on the picture sharing site.

While, yes, it's just as unattainable for many, it's refreshing that people are now looking up to a functional, strong body like this rather than only focusing on the skinny model sterotype. Not only is strong sexy, but being strong makes you feel great too. 

The 5 foot 8 Brooklyn-based fitness icon can squat 100 kilos, uses disciplines like Crossfit and Yoga in her routines, and uses her social media clout to not only build her brand but also to inspire others to get moving and her feeds are littered with thoughts like this: 

"In life we all need to strive for success and progress. An individual in my opinion cannot stay stagnant, there is always room for improvement, and if we don't aim to always be an upgraded version of ourselves then how can we live a life with pride? There's no room to feel sorry for the lives we live if we know that we are doing everything in our power to be better in every sense of the word."


The tattoo-loving Instagram star says her love for fitness began when she was feeling down about life, telling Inked Mag: "I went through a few harsh experiences that made me fall into a depression. Instead of turning to vices, I decided to work out because exercise is the best cure for depression. Not only did it give me confidence, but I found a new passion that felt so natural and right for me. Now fitness has become a lifestyle for me, and I think exercise has taught me discipline. It has literally saved my life." 

Here are more of her motivating videos. Arias posts challenges and the first video here is her bodyweight workout video, aka, exercise that requires no gym, no equipment, only a smartphone and some of your time ...