6 things you should never do at the gym

16:00, Mar 03 2014
NO LAUGHING MATTER: While you may go to the gym purely to keep fit, some people regard it as the only place where they can relax and let off steam.

Most fitness centres have a strict set of rules about equipment use, space and courtesy reminders for one gym-goer to another, but there's a few definite no, no's that you should really try and avoid.

Being hot and sweaty or rushing to finish your workout doesn't mean you need to throw all the etiquette out the window now, does it?

Here's 6 things we think you should never do at the gym...

1. Leave your sweat

So you've been extra sweaty during your workout, that's great news. This generally means you've been working out hard, but what you don't want to do is leave your sweat behind on the equipment, that's just gross.

Not only is it unpleasant for the next person, but sweat is a breeding ground for germs.


Best to keep a towel with you and wipe down your area with the provided disinfectant after each use.

2. Make a call

Not only is making a call or using your phone distracting you from making the most out of your workout, it's most likely annoying the person next to you, too.

If you do need to have your phone on you for awesome tunes make sure you've got headphones and keep the social calls for after.

3. Drop weights

Weights can be heavy, we know. But not only are you doing yourself (or potentially others) damage when you drop them, the sound of the weights landing hard can cause people to lose focus.

Remember to always bend at the knees and don't over-extend your back when placing them on the ground.

4. Be greedy

Unfortunately the gym is a public domain, so even if you're having the best run of your life, if the equipment has particular time restrictions, it's best to move on.

If this is the case at your gym it's a good idea to head in with a plan - 20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the bicycle, 20 minutes in the weight room.

Having a schedule also means you'll have something to tick off along the way, which is a great way to stay motivated.

5. Not pack-up

If you're a regular at your favourite gym you'd know exactly where everything is, or isn't. So it's just courtesy to make sure you return everything to it's home spot after use.

6. Stand centre stage

It's okay to stand up the front of a class if you're going to be following along, but remember everyone behind you will most likely be stepping in time with you, too.

So if you don't plan to give it all you've got, or you know you'll be arriving late, it's best not to head straight to the front.

- PopSugar