Homeless man gave us everything he had

Jack handed over his crackers, then emptied the coins from his begging container.

Jack handed over his crackers, then emptied the coins from his begging container.

This is Jack. Jack is homeless. Jack begs on the streets of Auckland. Jack made me cry. And I kissed him.

As the volunteer driver from Ronald McDonald House loaded my child’s wheelchair into the van to take us out on the routine supermarket run, I had no idea this little expedition would end in tears.

Ronald McDonald House Charities support families when their child is in a New Zealand hospital away from home. They provide accommodation, food, distraction therapy and laughter for more than 3700 families each year. Families like ours who have been frequent flyers for over five years, ever since our daughter Quinn was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

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I am constantly amazed by the volunteers and businesses that support Ronald McDonald House with their fundraising, time, energy, goods and services – all to support families like ours.

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And then there is Jack. Homeless. Begging.

Exiting the supermarket, Jack calls out to us - says he noticed we were with a Ronald McDonald House Charities van. He apologises that he does not have much to offer, but would like to make a donation. To Ronald McDonald House. For the kids.

I am stunned.

My eyes start to leak as I look at Jack again. Homeless. Begging.

He gives us packets of crackers, then tips out the coins from his begging container.

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I shake my head in disbelief and wipe the fat salty tears off my face. We hug. I kiss him. We hug again.

I am humbled beyond belief.

Jack – being kind because he can.
Jack – caring about the community around him.
Jack – sharing what little he has.

Be like Jack.

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