Cool new book swap fridge-library open for book lovers

The Book Swap Fridge Spring Creek is already popular with residents says its founder Melissa Haylock.

The Book Swap Fridge Spring Creek is already popular with residents says its founder Melissa Haylock.

A miniature library set up in a 1950s style fridge is open for lenders hungry to get their hands on some new reading material.

The Book Swap Fridge Spring Creek was started by husband and wife Melissa and Garth Haylock.

As avid readers the pair wanted to share their love of books with others and donated both time and money to set up the tiny library in Spring Creek, 8 kilometres north of Blenheim.

About 50 books for both adults and children have found a cool new home in the eye-catching turquoise fridge.

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Melissa says the service is completely free and she hopes it will help people who struggle to get to the library in Blenheim.

"I don't remember not being able to read.

"Mum would send me to get ready for school and then would have to come and find me and I'd be sitting with a book in one hand and a sock in the other," she says.

"Garth and I both love reading and we often joke that when we do have a baby he or she'll come out of the womb with a book."

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The couple were given the fridge by Garth's parents and although it was still in working order, the seals all needed replacing.

The pair then gave the fridge a makeover, complete with a new coat of paint, seals and four large paving stones for it to sit on.

Situated on the corner of Gouland and March St, the fridge has already attracted a number of borrowers.

"All I ask is that if people want to keep a book they particularly like that they replace it with something else.

"Donations are always welcome and people should feel free just to put them in.

"I think the service will be especially good for older people in the community who might not drive now and for mums who don't have cars," says Melissa, who counts Stephen King and JK Rowling among her favourite authors.

There is a similar library in place at St Arnaud in a former telephone kiosk and two in Wairau Valley.

For further information visit the book swap fridge Facebook page 

 - The Marlborough Express


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