Parents blind to obese kids - study

A majority of parents of overweight kids thought they were in a normal weight range.

Parents don't recognise their children are overweight, a new report has found.

Overcoming challenges to cycle the country

Twenty-three-year-old Victoria Taylor has spent the last couple of months cycling around New Zealand, finishing on May ...

A lot of hard work has paid off for Victoria Taylor as she wrapped up her more than 6000km bike trip

'I drive myself like a '62 Chevy'

''If I surf, snowboard and ride my bike in a 1962 Chevy fashion I will get many more miles on the clock.''

Lower the risk of heart disease and stroke: Think of yourself as the best car of the year that you were born in - then drive accordingly.

What does it mean to be fit?

What does being fit mean to you?

Physical appearance isn't everything, so how do you know if you're actually fit?

Suffering to reach peak fitness

Changing the body by changing the mind: Chris Feather.

The pain was over in two minutes, but the after-effects lingered.

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