25 ways to makeover your nutrition this month

Instead of several coffees per day, why not try swapping a few for herbal teas?

Instead of several coffees per day, why not try swapping a few for herbal teas?

These tips will take you through January, but more importantly, if you adopt them throughout the whole year, you'll make it to next January feeling absolutely incredible.

1. REFRESH YOUR MINDSET: Wake up today and say one positive thing to yourself. Starting the day positively, instead of with 'urgggghhh' as the alarm goes off, is an important change to the way you approach your health.

2. DITCH YOUR VICE: Try for one week to let go of the one thing that is your vice in your diet. It might Tim Tams or caramel donuts or KFC, but this week just let them go, easily, like you've dropped them in a river and you can't get them back.


3. GET JUICY: Swap your coffee or mid afternoon slump pick me up snack for a fresh vegetable to juice to up the ante on your nutrition and reduce the stress on your adrenals.

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4. HYDRATE WELL: Don't let water go amiss in the months of the festive season where perhaps champagne has been in your hands more frequently than H20. Ensure you have your daily dose and up the intake after a night on the sauce.

5. SAY CHEESE: Look up and smile at strangers today. Your smile will not only make you feel great but will put light in someone else's day too. Remember nutrition isn't just the food you put in your mouth, it's a practice of nourishing all of you – body, mind and spirit.

6. GO WITH YOUR GUT: Get your digestive health in order by taking a quality probiotic to help re-establish good gut bacteria.

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7. MAKE THE SWAP: Has coffee been overtaking life a little? Time to refresh and down size the lattes. If you've been going with more than one, halve your intake week on week, aiming to move to just tea or herbal tea. Coffee, like any drug can be more of a mental addiction than your body's need for caffeine and you'll feel a million bucks to let it go a little.

In many parts of the world, rice is a staple.

8. OUT WITH THE OLD: In with the new! Clean out your fridge and pantry of the junk you know won't serve your health – need some help? Check out what's in my pantry to get you going.

9. ADIOS ALCOHOL: For one month this year, say farewell to alcohol. There are lots of community events to do this – Feb Fast, Dry July, but you can easily do it in your own time with your own determination. February is a short month – and the most likely you will last the distance!

10. EAT YOUR GREENS: Up your intake to supercharge your health and make a concerted effort to eat more of this colour. Leafy greens, chinese greens, cucumber, zucchini, kale, herbs … get them all in!

11. SWEET SWAP: Sugar is everywhere these days in processed and refined foods and whilst some things appear 'healthy' so often they are laced with sugar. Aim to retune your palette by reducing your sweet sensation and making the swap for savoury.

12. A FEW WAYS WITH: Pick up a new nourishing ingredient for the pantry or fridge and find a few ways to use it in your diet. It does wonders for the way you think about food and nutrition when you are rejigging the old with something fresh. For example, try kamut, a healthy grain that you can cook a few different ways with. Experiment until you find two recipes you love, then introduce them as regular meals.

13. NO SWIPING: Wandering past the kitchen and making a quick swipe without acknowledging it? Habits like these are the reason health doesn't improve, because those extra swipes are mindless eating. When it next tempts you, take a few breaths, step outside and speak positively speak to yourself.

14. STRAIGHT UP: Sitting and standing straight is a wonderful thing not only for our bodies (it allows better digestion and breathing just to start) but also for the way we think about ourselves and our ability to ground ourselves to the present. Try focusing on your posture each day as you wake and move through the house and before long it will become the norm throughout the day.

15. MAKE A PLAN: Don't let time or the excuse of 'lack thereof' overcome you this year. Make a plan for your health and tick the boxes as you knock things off. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make it but create a plan and stick to it.

16. HERBAL IS HIP: Culinary herbs can add insane nutrition to your food and diet. Pick up a few bunches of fresh herbs each week to throw into salads, smoothies, soups and slow cooks to up the ante and use any leftover to make a yummy pesto at the end of the week.

17. SOUR SENSATION: Sour foods like lemon, lime, grapefruit and vinegar (in particular apple cider vinegar), are wonderful aids for the digestive system. Aim to include them frequently in the diet.

18. DIVERSIFY: Don't get stuck in routine of eating the same foods each day, diversify the ingredients food and means in which you cook.

19. MEATFREE MONDAYS: It's an awesome way to just focus your attention on the plant kingdom. You have six other days in the week to eat chicken, fish, meat and pork as you wish. Aim for one day without.

Late spring is the best time to grow avocados.

20. MAKE FAT YOUR FRIEND: Don't live in fear of healthy fats and including them in your diet – they're hugely beneficial to brain, nervous system and skin health just to start. Ensure avocado, olive oil, nuts and seeds make their way into your meals and snacks.

21. SHINE IN THE SUN: Get outdoors and into the sun for at least 10-20 minutes each day (depending on your skin type). The sun is the most bountiful source of Vitamin D which is imperative for the health of our bones, teeth and heart, not to mention a beautiful source of natural energy.

22. TAKE IT SLOW: If slow cooking hasn't been a part of your life in 2015, then may 2016 be it's time! Slow cooking is such a great way to cook and retain a huge amount of nutrition in your food whilst experiencing heavenly flavours.

23. BUDDY UP: Whether it be training or cooking nourishing delicious food, find a partner in crime to help you on your journey – it makes it THAT much more fun.

24. BITTER BITE: Increase the bitter foods in your diet such as rocket, radicchio, dandelion and artichoke to give your liver some love and support its magical work within the body.

25. BE GOOD TO YOU: Remember to be kind to yourself. Whilst making change to your health and habits in nutrition can be truly challenging and some days you'll want to throw it all away and give up, these are the moments where you need to speak warmly. Remind yourself why you started and speak with an empowered voice.

- JuiceDaily.com.au


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