The lamest exercise excuses busted by fitness superstar Kirsty Godso

Kirsty Godso shuts down your lame excuses and makes you move!

Kirsty Godso shuts down your lame excuses and makes you move!

Missed the class by ten min so might as well cancel? Would rather sip gin than do spin? Nike master trainer, Kirsty Godso, has heard them all. We sent her 10 of our lamest excuses to shut down.  

1. I'm working long hours instead of going to the gym.

If you're working long hours then more than ever you need some 'you' time to break up your busy days! You don't need an hour in the gym, you don't even need 30 minutes and you actually don't even need the gym itself! Get creative with your surroundings and smash out a 10 minute sweat session that will get your heart rate up, muscles firing and endorphins flowing. Try picking five exercises such as mountain climbers, pushups, lunges, squat jumps and burpees and working for 45 seconds, resting for 15 seconds then repeat.

2. It's raining outside.

Spin first, then gin.

Spin first, then gin.

Good thing that you can workout indoors then! Don't let the weather rain on your fitness parade. Even if you get out and brave the rain it all makes for a much better post workout selfie.

3. I haven't been all week, might as well start fresh next week.

If we adopted this attitude to everything in life we would never get anything done. My advice is start as soon as you can. Starting is by far the hardest part but once you get into a routine and start making fitness a habit rather than a chore you will find that instead of finding time to exercise, you'll be making time! Don't delay - hijack your diary now and get after it!

4. I'll make up for it by going on a diet.


Nike master trainer Kirsty Godso talks through a functional training workout.

There's no denying the very important role that nutrition plays in your health and wellbeing but to really maximise all the commitment you put into your clean eating, you want to exercise at the same time. Eating right will help you change the general overview of your body and have you feeling more energised and motivated so take that energy to your workouts and tone those muscles.

5. I will start going to the gym when I look sexy in my workout gear, I just don't look good enough yet.

The quickest way to start feeling and looking good in your workout gear is by going to the gym. Sounds obvious, but for some reason this theory still often isn't applied. We all need to try and adopt the less talk more action behaviour! Don't just buy the Nike Pro's, wear them and wear them confidently by making a commitment to yourself to get to the gym, the park, the studio! Don't speak it, just do it!

6. I'm too hungover.

If you are hungover then yes, you're better off not trying to exercise. However, this doesn't mean you need to embody a sloth on the couch all day and eat everything in sight. Try and reverse some of the damage by going for a walk with your friends and making good food decisions that will help get your body back to 100 per cent so you can be back at your best the following day and not have a night out turn into a weeks recovery.

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7. I just got my hair done, it was expensive and don't want to ruin it.

And? Sweaty hair is as on trend as kombucha! Embrace fitness hair trends such as braids and messy buns to show off your fresh locks. Or if you're really worried about your hair try a less sweaty workout such as reformer pilates so you can still get your workout in and keep your hair flawless.

8. I'm too sore/sick/tired.

If you're mentally really not in the zone or if your body is screaming at you to take a break then listen to it. Taking a rest day once a week is just as important as all the training sessions you're putting in. This gives your body a chance to take onboard all the changes you've been working on and will see you hitting your workouts on the following days with more energy and power! It helps to focus on nutrition on a rest day so you are still making healthy progress.


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9. I missed the start of the class, so there's no point going now.

General gym etiquette is that you ideally don't walk into class late and potentially disrupt other people's workouts. However, this is not reason enough to derail your workout plans. Depending on the workout, if you're within 5-8 minutes of the class starting get in there and catch up quickly. Otherwise, have a Plan B on hand so you can still get your workout in! If you're not sure what to do and need the guidance of an instructor but there are no other classes on, utilise free training tools such as the Nike Training Club App which will help you keep chasing your goals.

10. The sun is out and the girls want to go for a drink, it was meant to be.

Rephrase: The sun is out and the girls and I are going to get active outside. Or if a drink is solidly locked into the schedule, condition it on the premise that you can only go if you've got your workout in first.

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Got an excuse you want Kirsty to tackle? Add them to the comments below and we'll see if she can make you move! 

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