The best books to kick-start healthy living

Pan Macmillan Australia

How Not To Die by Michael Greger.

Always Hungry by David Ludwig.

Eat Real Food by David Gillespi.

Foodist by Darya Pino Rose.

I Quit Sugar for Life by Sarah Wilson.

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David Gillespie 

Pan Macmillan
Swapping processed food for 'real food' is David Gillespie's simple yet all too often forgotten 'secret' to weight loss and wellbeing. Eat Real Food is an easy beginners guide for those embarking on a lifestyle change for the better. It explains why fad diets don't work, what the real culprits of ill health and weight gain are, how to read food labels, shop, plan and cook wholefoods. Plus, there's simple recipes to replace common processed items. 

​Dr Michael Greger 

Pan Macmillan
Discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease, and learn how to take responsibility for your own heath through nutrition. Backed by solid scientific evidence, Dr Greger explains how the vast majority of premature deaths and illnesses can be prevented and even reversed through simple diet and lifestyle changes. A stand-out feature is the useful Daily Dozen, a checklist of the 12 foods that should be consumed every day for good health. Brimming with easy actionable advice and cutting edge nutritional science to live a healthier life. 

David Ludwig

Orion Publishing Group
Harvard Medical School professor Dr David Ludwig lays out a diet and lifestyle plan that he says can conquer cravings, retrain your fat cells, diminish hunger, speed up metabolism and lose weight permanently. Those claims might raise some scepticism among the diet-weary, but its​ detailed eating approach has found success among many. Those who have followed through with the structured eating plan have experienced the benefits that it promises. 

Darya Pino Rose
Foodist offers a rational, flexible and forgiving approach to slow and steady weight loss in the world of crazy fad diets. Coining the term 'healthstyle' Darya Pino Rose says weight loss and health is a collective result of a person's daily behaviour, habits, food, exercise and treatment of their body. Healthstyle "is a reflection of your cumulative habits… [it's not] a momentary state of being". Packed with useful tips for shopping, food preparation, cooking, and how to make smart choices when eating out. There is no end date on this diet, but rather advocates for lasting change.

Sarah Wilson 

Pan Macmillan
I Quit Sugar for Life is certainly no stranger to Kiwi book shops, but the bestseller is just that for a reason. Former sugar addict, Sarah Wilson reveals the health damages of sugar and argues why we should all quit the white stuff. Her wellness philosophy illustrates how to banish cravings for sweet food by eating good fats and protein, cook sugar-free meals, detox safely, maximise nutrition and beat sugar addition once and for all with her tested eight week plan - all without feeling like you're missing out. A quick, informative read for anyone curious about reducing their sugar intake. 

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Our recommended reads to kick-start healthy living.
Pan Macmillan Australia

Our recommended reads to kick-start healthy living.

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