Don't say these things to your boss

There are some things you just shouldn't say in a workplace - particularly to your boss.

2:17 PM  ┬áIn any workplace, there are a few things it's not worth telling your boss - like that you're bored - or hungover.

Your doctor might Google you

Some doctors say they Google their patients to gather more information about them.

A survey shows 1 in 6 doctors admit to Googling their patients. Would you be OK with that?

Want to live longer? Eat this

They may be high in calories, but nuts also help lower the 'bad' cholesterol.

These six foods will add both life to your years and years to your life.

Ditch the sleep calculators

Sleep quality is all about the timing of sleep relative to your internal clock.

Trying to calculate your bedtime based on sleep cycles? Don't bother.

Health warning about ibuprofen video

​The recent studies are an important reminder that over-the-counter medicines are not without risk.

Taking ibuprofen and aspirin can raise your risk of cardiac arrest and heart failure.

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