We try SUP yoga (and stay dry) video

Mastering various yoga positions on a stand up paddle board adds a whole new element of balance.

5:00 AM  It may sound like a practical joke created by the fitness community but stand-up paddle board yoga is a commonly practised and totally legitimate form of exercise.

Use setbacks to change your life video

Lucy hone says to achieve change, we also need to identify our motivation, as well as barriers and enablers.

5:00 AM  If you've set resolutions for 2017, that inevitable misstep needn't take you back to square one.

Why these Kiwis meditate video

Yogamani Saraswati.

5:00 AM  Mindfulness continues to attract hordes from the chaos of modern life. Kiwi practitioners talk about the life-changing effects.

5 questions for the best workout

Remember that doing something you love, especially with people you enjoy, is more likely to last long-term.

Don't start a new workout plan without asking yourself these vital questions.

Your bum when you sit all day

Sitting all day has bad effects on your butt... but there are things you can do about it.

Your glutes basically shut down.

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