12 ways to keep your body cool on stinking hot summer nights

Hot air rises, so try taking your mattress to the floor.

Hot air rises, so try taking your mattress to the floor.

With temperatures and humidity at their peak, getting your eight hours kip at night can be far from a breeze. 

We've compiled a few hacks to keep your body temperature at a comfortable level for both sanity and sleep success.

You're welcome. 

Take yourself to a cooler place by downloading sound apps of flowing water.

Take yourself to a cooler place by downloading sound apps of flowing water.


1. Slow down

Don't dive into bed after heavy exercise or a mad-dash organising everything for the next morning. Allow time for your body's thermostat to cool down prior to hitting the hay. 

2. Water, baby

Take a tepid bath or shower, or at very least pat your pulse points (wrists, inside of elbows, feet, groin, beck, behind knees) with a cold flannel or covered ice pack. 

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3. Hack a fan

Create your own air conditioning unit by filling a large bowl with ice and positioning it at an angle in front of your fan. The air will whip off the ice and chill your room with much more efficiency than without. 

4. A cool head

Cover a small pillow with a few plastic shopping bags and place it in the freezer an hour or so before bedtime. The result? A refreshing chilled pillow.

Don't forget to remove the plastic bags prior to sleeping, they're simply to keep ice from forming on the fabric.

5. Go low

Hot air rises, so sleep smart by removing your base for a few months (if you can), or try a Futon bed. Who's laughing now?


6. Don't go nude

Although it's tempting to sleep starkers, it been found to make you feel more hot, because moisture will not have anywhere to evaporate between your body and the mattress. 

Avoid synthetic fabrics like nylon as they are not breathable. 

7. Sleep on cotton

As above, avoid synthetic bed linen and opt for good quality and breathable threads. You'll feel much less sticky in the morning.

8. Hydration station

Keep a glass of water on your bedside table. A swig upon waking during the night will help you hydrate and up your chances of returning to the land of nod. 

9. One leg out

There's a method to this madness. Keeping a limb (or two) out from the sheets will regulate your overall body temperature. The hairless area on the bottom of our foot contains vascular structures that regulate heat loss and cool us down. 

10. Trick your mind

Take yourself to a cooler place by downloading sound apps of water.

Rain, waves crashing, a tranquil flowing stream – any sound of a body of water will do. It'll also calm you down and slow your heart rate, which increases the chance of falling asleep fast. 


11. Rig up a hammock

The suspended sleep-style allows more airflow, bringing comfort to your kip. The hippies are on to something. 

12. Sleep alfresco

Haven't pitched a tent yet this summer? There's never been a better excuse. Wait for the sun to go down and head to your backyard for a successful snooze under canvas. 


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