We try bounce fitness - 'the most effective form of exercise'

Not as easy as it seems.

Not as easy as it seems.

The humble backyard tramp has been reimagined as an exercise tool for grownups. Rebound fitness is one of the latest trends for getting in shape, and something that oddly comes with a nod of approval from NASA. Stephen Heard put on some safety socks to find out more about the world of Bounce Fitness.


Rather than arriving to a rusty frame on sun deprived grass, trampoline theme park Uptown Bounce has up to a dozen medium-sized trampolines in each of their premises.

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Each attendee is given their own patch for the 40-minute total body workout. It's recommended to get a feel for the trampoline surface and your balance on arrival, completing half pike back flips is best left until the end. You'll need a sweat towel, water and friction reducing safety socks.


Everyday boot camp exercises like burpees and mountain climbers can be testing in a normal situation. Try executing numerous sets of the aforementioned on a surface that is constantly undulating beneath your body parts. Finding a rhythm is the immediate challenge of the Bounce Fitness workout, never mind the strenuous activity.

After learning the basic resting bounce, the high intensity workout navigates its way through sets of star jumps, press ups, jumping knee taps, side steps and squatted leg shakes - something best compared to twerking on a trampoline. The class is rounded off on the uneven ledge of each trampoline with a trio of core exercises and some common yoga stretches to cool down.


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Believe it or not, NASA has stated that "rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man." Something they say is beneficial to the lymphatic system which can improve the immune system and aid in full body detoxification. The low impact nature of the trampoline also helps tone muscles and improve coordination, balance, strength and agility by kickstarting deep core muscles.

The high intensity element is great for cardiovascular system and the fighting gravity can also have a beneficial aerobic effect on the heart.


The statistics for trampoline injuries around the world must be phenomenal; I can instantly recount two grown men who have blown out their ankles in the past year.

At Uptown Bounce all springs are covered and the only risk of injury would come down to human error or poor judgement. While therisk of injury is low during Bounce Fitness, it's still possible. Attendees should tell instructors if they currently have any injuries or concerns before the class starts.


While the idea of bouncing on a trampoline for 40 minutes sounds like a walk in the park. It's not.The uneven surface again makes each movement more difficult than your average jump on the tramp. Don't try this at home.

 - Sunday Star Times


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