Dad bods: Why science says pudgy dads are better off

Buff or pudgy? Science says pudgy wins, apparently.
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Buff or pudgy? Science says pudgy wins, apparently.

Good news for dads who are struggling to get/maintain a buff bod - a new book claims you're better off being pudgy anyway.

In How Men Age, author Author Richard Bribiescas suggests a slow physical decline after becoming a parent makes men healthier, more attractive, and likely to live longer, reports The Guardian.

The professor of anthropology at Yale says that's because a slight weight gain strengthens the immune system.

One study also showed that men with slow metabolisms are about 50 per cent less likely to die in any given year than their skinnier counterparts, according to the Guardian.

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And it seems there are also benefits for the wives (and kids) of these not-so-fit fathers - thanks to a drop in testosterone levels caused by a dad bod, these men are less likely to pursue other women. That means they have plenty of extra time to spend on being a more attentive parent.

Women apparently find these men more attractive than super buff gym-goers as well - at least according to one study.

While the news was certainly welcomed by many men on social media, a few punters were a bit sceptical of the scientists behind these "findings". 

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