The 5 dirtiest things you touch every day video

It's a fact of life - germs are all around us.

No matter how much you try to protect yourself, chances are you will grab an accidental handful of the micro blighters at some stage during the day.

If you're wondering which everyday items are the "germiest", microbiology professor Charles Gerba says it helps to think about those objects or places you ignore when you break out your mop and disinfectant.

Your toothbrush holder may be a haven for germs.

Your toothbrush holder may be a haven for germs.

So here are the 5 dirtiest things you touch every day:

Expensive hotels have more germs than budget accommodation, study finds 
Germ hideouts even clean-freaks forget  
Germs can live for days in airline cabins


5. Hand towels

Most people don't wash their hands properly and germs love wet, moist conditions. It is recommended that you wash towels every two days.

4. Toothbrush holders

A report in 2011 found 27 per cent of tooth brush holders contain Coliform bacteria - a sickness-causing family of microorganism.

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3. Kitchen sponges

75 per cent of sponges contain Coliform, making them probably the dirtiest thing you have in the home.

2. Mobile phones

Studies have shown that one in six mobiles have some form of fecal matter on them.

1. Shopping trolleys/trundlers

Professor Gerba says because people use trolleys after touching raw food that "100 per cent of them are home to E.coli."

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