What would happen if you didn't shower for a year?

Going without a shower for days at a music festival was traumatic enough, thanks.

Going without a shower for days at a music festival was traumatic enough, thanks.

With a rise in the "no 'poo" (shampoo) movement and a focus on washing your hair less, is it possible people would consider giving up washing their bodies for a full year? 

Well, no. That would be disgusting.  

As anyone who remembers their hedonistic festival-going days will tell you, more than a few days without showering is quite long enough.

However, in the in the interests of morbid curiosity, USA Today has compiled a list of some of the truly awful things you could look forward to if you were to foolishly forgo bathing for 365 days. 

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Smells: According to Dr Cameron Rokhsar, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York, there would be quite a build-up of bacteria and dead skin on you, which would cause an unpleasant odour. In short - you'd be a sweaty, stinky mess.

Brown clumps: Director of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, Dr Caroyln Jacob, says that dirt would collect on oily body parts - underarms and behind the ears, for example. As dead skin usually flakes off in the shower, they will clump together and turn brown instead if left unrinsed.   

Infection: We all know cleanliness stops infection, so if you've not washed in 12 months and suffer a cut or graze - it's obvious the results aren't going to be pretty. 

"While infection may not be a concern in the beginning, carrying a large load of bacteria on the skin can pose a problem if the skin barrier were to become compromised in some way, ie. through a cut or scrape," says Dr Lauren Ploch, dermatologist and member of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

Itchy head: You'd have an extremely itchy scalp due to a build-up of dandruff and matted, knotty hair heavy with oil and dirt according to Rokhsar. 

Acne: or pus bumps. Gross. Jacob warns bacteria build-up risks inflaming hair follicles which would cause pimples. 

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Down there would... be a bit of a problem: You'd be prone to intertrigo, says Jacob, which is a very painful and itchy yeast and inflammation combo. See also: rashes.  

Toe scum: You'd get toe fungus which, while we're on the subject, could easily find it's way to your privates. 

One shower won't solve your problem: That's right, it could a be week at least, if not more. Some of Ploch's patients left parts of their body unwashed for months, and she says it can take weeks for skin to be restored and go back to normal.  

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