Rejection fear linked to cosmetic surgery

22:19, Jul 28 2009
michael jackson
BE AFRAID: Michael Jackson pictured earlier this year. A new study links a fear of rejection with the desire to have cosmetic surgery.

People who are sensitive about their looks and concerned about being rejected because of them are more likely to be interested in cosmetic surgery than those who are less sensitive.

The study, published in the journal Body Image, is based on the essays of 133 US college students who were asked to write about a negative or positive comment that they had received about their appearance.

Both positive and negative comments were mainly made by peers, friends and lovers and negative comments were mostly in reference to body weight, shape or size.

"The results of this study suggest that individuals who anxiously expect rejection based on their appearance are vulnerable to the effects of negative comments about their appearance," says Lora Park, associate professor of psychology at the University at Buffalo.

"Sensitivity to appearance rejection may therefore be a key psychological variable to consider when examining responses to teasing related to appearance, especially with regard to feeling rejected and expressing interest in cosmetic surgery."