How Katy Perry keeps her curves

00:54, Jan 11 2012
Katy Perry
CURVES AHEAD: Katy Perry is careful to maintain her figure by sticking to a diet and exercise plan while on the road.

Katy Perry has a diet that satisfies her "salt tooth" with healthy options.

The singer has developed a diet and fitness plan with her trainer Harley Pasternak to keep in optimal shape.

Whenever Perry experiences cravings for her favourite salty foods, she looks to satisfy her hunger with alternatives.

"I have a salt tooth," Perry told Us Weekly. "[When I want Mexican, I] find a healthy version."

When Perry is on the road, the singer ensures that she eats foods that promote energy. Protein and fibre-rich meals help Perry stay on her toes.

"I still keep my routine [on the road]," she detailed. "[For breakfast I eat] egg whites with ham, tomatoes, onion and cheese."

Running on a treadmill for an hour is not at all appealing to Perry. The beauty prefers to work in her cardio in more exuberant ways.

"I like to jump rope!" Perry exclaimed.

"I can do the cross-over and double jumps."


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