Five reasons you're not losing weight

17:00, May 08 2013
Providing a silver bullet solution is one thing. But that bullet must also address what an individual is doing wrong.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING WRONG?: "Providing a silver bullet solution is one thing. But that bullet must also address what an individual is doing wrong."

Originating from a column I wrote a few weeks back, almost 12,000 emails hit my inbox asking for a freebie copy of my "Cut the BS" diet. Some folks just wanted the eBook I wrote; some wrote a lot more. One frequent theme was "I feel like I'm doing the right thing, but I don't know why I'm not losing weight?".

Providing a silver bullet solution is one thing. But that bullet must also address what an individual is doing wrong. It got me thinking, it got me writing, and it got me amending the Cut the BS diet. And it now has me writing this. Here are five reasons you are not losing weight.

1. The 70-30 rule is failing you

Somebody out there created a rule that I've heard too many times - weight loss is 70 per cent diet, and 30 per cent exercise. I have seen no scientific evidence supporting this rule, and therefore I'd like to call it BS. Diet companies love the masses to believe this, so everybody can spend their hard-earned on diet food, while not giving much notice to exercise.

The result? Disciples of this rule spend their time and money working on the bulk - the 70 per cent - and fail to adequately implement exercise into their lifestyle. Big mistake. Exercise burns calories and quickens your metabolism. Exercise tones and shapes. Exercise provides energy during the day and better sleep at night. Exercise builds core, bone, and muscular strength. After exercise, your body will beg for nutrients, not junk.

Guys, if you can't drop and give me 20, then you should check your shorts and make sure you've got a pair. Ladies, cardio isn't enough - hit the weights for results.


You wanna lose weight? Watch your intake, and move your body - how about calling it 50-50 and giving it your all in the kitchen and the gym. Nice compromise.

2. Your energy and protein consumption

I'm staring at an energy drink with 83.5 grams of sugar, which is next to a protein drink with 27.9 grams of sugar. You think you're getting energy and protein? I think you're getting 27 cubes of sugar ... and I think you're gaining weight.

If you want to make a healthy change, call them what I do - fizzy drinks and milkshakes. Thirsty? Water still works. Need protein? Fish, steak, pork, chicken, and even quinoa works.

3. Your portions have the US stamp of approval

Every client that travels to the US for work tells me the same thing, "I can't believe how big the portions are!" Well, it seems the jumbo sizing has hit Australasia as well. Bigger cupcakes. $20 Americanesque burgers stacked sky-high. More schnitzel and chips. Burritos as big as your head. And frozen yoghurt - didn't a certain Seinfeld episode do away with healthy frozen yoghurt?

If you want to lose weight, you have to eat less. Imagine if you just ate one-third less? You don't need a nutritionist or dietician for that, you just need to know fifth grade fractions. Portion control equals weight control.

4. You're boozing and not losing

Some years back, I was quite the chubby chap. One night I woke up still drunk, naked, and laying alone on my living room floor next to a half-eaten meatball sub. I finally realised "I'm drinking way too much". So, I cut way back, and my body drastically changed.

If you're drinking too much, you already know it - so do something about it. Drinking is kilojoules, and kilojoules is weight gain. And the booze breeds even more weight gain - the late-night food, the hangovers with junk breakfasts, junk workouts, and junk hair-of-the-dog to start it all over again.

5. You don't want it badly enough

Maybe some people need to face a simple fact - "I just don't want it badly enough".

"I don't mind being sick, and I won't mind diabetes, heart disease, and cardiovascular disease; I'll just take the medications. I don't want to wake up early to exercise; I'll just make an excuse. I can't eat healthy food 'cause it isn't as tasty as the BS I normally eat. I can't say no to my friends and 15 drinks. I don't want to lose weight. I don't, I can't ... so I won't change."

All because you don't want it badly enough. Your body does. Your head does not.

If you don't want it badly enough, then own up to it, relax, and grab another piece of pizza, another beer, and another block of chocolate. Enough health and fitness; it's added stress, eh?

But if you're serious, then do something about it. Get a plan. Start small, and go for it with everything you have. Ultimately, all you need is to do is negate No.5 on this list, and the rest will take care of itself. Trust me. I've done it.

It took me a week's work to read and reply to thousands of emails. Your stories and one-liners made me laugh, sometimes shed a tear, and wanting to do more to help this obesity epidemic we all face. Emails came in from New Zealand ... from Turkey to New York, PNG to Norway, Singapore, and cities I can't recall in China. Nuns (true), CEOs, brothers, sisters, and parents all want to cut the BS - I hope many of you out there are making positive changes.

My quote of the day, week and month is this - If nothing changes; nothing changes. So. Will you?

If you still want a free copy of Cut the BS Diet, send me an email. Just pardon my language in advance, eh?

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