24072013    NEWS   photo: WARWICK SMITH/FAIRFAX NZ
Being winter the weather prediction is for more rain.

Winter is on its way

Winter is coming but the Manawatu region might be in for a surprise.

Appeal dismissed

Staff Sergeant Darron Wills has failed in his appeal against his dismissal from the military.

Sentence appeal dismissed for former soldier who solicited images women in their underwear.

Poison bags found in drains

Empty bags labelled as poisonous has been found in drains around Rongotea.

Rain wrecks road seal

Contractors are patching the seal on Park Rd for what is hoped to be the last time. 

Needed: Firefighters

Longer response times one consequence of lack of volunteers in the Rangitikei District's fire brigades.

Youth services in doubt

Lack of financial guarantees mean an uncertain future for youth services in Rangitikei.

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Parkour fundraiser in city video

Parkour practitioners, from left, Geoff Proctor, Steve Proctor, Phillip Prinsloo, Reagan Judd and Jonathan Saunders during a training session in Palmerston North.

5:00 AM  Awareness of parkour to be raised at fundraising event in Palmerston North

Horizons plays safe with subsidies

5:00 AM  Companion driver services will remain locked out of a mobility transport susbsidy scheme in the Horizons region.

Artists wanted for stumps

Tears over living wage


Manukura Black only unbeaten team

Manukura Red's Sia Muliaga, left, and Darnelle Nugent-O'leary prepare for action ahead of the incoming pass in their club game at the B&M Centre on Tuesday night.

6:00 AM  Manukura Black beat Massey.

Milner-Skudder a gem league let go

Hurricanes fullback Nehe Milner-Skudder can only guess where he might have ended up had he stayed with league.

Mason Dunlop is continuing the family's success in powerboat racing.

Powerboat racer keeps in the family

Mason Dunlop is continuing family success after winning at the New Zealand Powerboat Association Nationals.


Many reasons not to change the flag

25032015 News Photo supplied Credit Sham Kalsi
New Zealand beat South Africa by four wickets to reach first ever World Cup cricket final at Eden Park Auckland
crowd fly NZ flag

OPINION: I know it's not a matter of life and death, but I like the New Zealand flag and will resist efforts to change it.

Kids' vote on flag a ploy for change

OPINION: I would have loved the opportunity to vote for a new national flag when I was a kid. I would have also voted for a flag with Batman on it. 

Wolf whistling is unacceptable, so why should the victims of it need to alter their behaviour instead of the perpetrators?

Garner: Are manners sexist?

OPINION: I like holding doors open, to me it's a little sign of good manners. Or sexist. You decide.


Collecting the proverbial

Doctor Gina Salapata is organizing a project to gather proverbs from all of the different ethnicity's in Palmerston North.

A project exploring proverbs from a wide ranging nationalities aims to provide valuable insight into our culture.

Music Month kicks off

NZ Music Month kicks off and Palmerston North's all age venue Great Job will be hosting a heap of bands.

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