'Appalling' driver blamed informant

00:30, Jul 12 2014

A Foxton man thought he was being chased when another motorist followed him after dobbing his driving in to police.

Bruce Junior Larsen, 24, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, possession of cannabis plant material and driving without a licence, following an incident on May 1 this year.

He was sentenced to three months' community detention and nine months' supervision, banned from owning or driving a car for 12 months and ordered to pay court costs by Judge Gregory Ross in the Palmerston North District Court on Thursday.

Larsen was driving an unregistered, unwarranted vehicle with worn brakes and tyres when he pulled out to pass on State Highway 56 at Rangiotu, forcing an oncoming car to take evasive action. A forbidden driver at the time, Larsen carried on driving and pulled into the merging lane near the intersection of State Highway 56 and Rangiotu Rd, travelling on the wrong side of the road for about 400 metres.

At the intersection of Union and Main Sts in Foxton, he took a corner too fast and lost control of the vehicle, doing a 360 degree spin before regaining control and driving off at speed.

He was stopped by police in Avenue Rd, and found to have 424 grams of cannabis leaf in his vehicle, along with utensils used in making cannabis oil.

He told police his poor driving was a result of him being followed by the police informant.

Larsen's lawyer, Jacinda Younger, said he thought he was "being chased" and "tried to get away".

The judge called Larsen's antics an "appalling piece of driving".


Manawatu Standard