Judge: Find a suitable home or go to prison

A 32-year-old woman has been given four weeks to find a suitable home detention address or she will be going to prison for aiding her partner to deal methamphetamine.

Dalliss Marie Antunovich, of Palmerston North, was found guilty of possession of methamphetamine for supply following a jury trial at the Blenheim District Court in April.

Since being convicted, Antunovich put forward two unsuitable home detention addresses. In court yesterday, her lawyer Nick McKessar said she had two further addresses which had not yet been checked by the probation service.

Judge Chris Tuohy said it was accepted that the methamphetamine was not hers, nor was there any financial gain for her.

Given this and her otherwise clean record, home detention was a suitable sentence, he said. Despite this, Antunovich had knowingly aided a fairly significant drug dealer, Reuben Anthony Honan, in his dealings of methamphetamine in 2012, the judge said.

She helped him in a number of ways, including two deposits of $4500 into two bank accounts to purchase methamphetamine, and by driving him from Palmerston North to Auckland to pick up the drugs.

The pair were stopped by police in Picton on September 29, 2012, with about 25 grams of methamphetamine was found, with a street value of about $23,000.

Judge Tuohy yesterday said he could not continue granting adjournments, and granted a final one until September 11, at the Nelson District Court. She would be sentenced to 18 months' jail if a suitable address had not been found.

The Marlborough Express