Student with tuberculosis isolated

A Manawatu student has been put into isolation after being diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Two students from St Peter's College have now been diagnosed with the disease. Only one of them is considered to be infectious and he has been isolated.

MidCentral Public Health Service has been testing close contacts of the two students to check if anyone else was infected.

MidCentral medical officer of health Dr Rob Weir said symptoms could include a persistent cough with blood in the spit, weight loss, sweating and chills during sleep, fever, shortness of breath and excessive tiredness or fatigue.

If a person tested positive for the bacteria, it did not mean they had the active disease, he said.

''People with a positive test will be followed up with chest X-rays and will be seen by a specialist respiratory physician or pediatrician.

"I wish to reassure all close contacts [of the students] that tuberculosis is a disease which develops slowly and can be cured."

Weir said there had been 12 cases of active tuberculosis diagnosed in the Manawatu in the past year.

Anyone with concerns can contact the Public Health Service for further information on 350 9110.

Manawatu Standard