Sex offender with low libido a risk

23:37, Sep 03 2014

An elderly sex offender's physical incapacity and lost libido did not mean he would not be a risk to boys in the future, a court has heard.

Peter James Linton, 68, meticulously groomed five pubescent and post pubescent boys between late 2000 and early 2009.

"You were clearly a very predatory offender," Justice David Collins told Linton in the High Court at Wellington today.

He said Linton had come perilously close to the open ended term of preventive detention.

Instead Linton was sentenced to a total of eight years' jail and has to serve at least four years before he can be considered for parole.

The judge said Linton should have the chance to have rehabilitative treatment.


A doctor reported Linton had not be able to get an erection since February 2011, and Linton said he had lost his libido but the judge said he did not interpret that as meaning Linton would not reoffend.

The offences were said to have taken place in Manawatu, but also "elsewhere in the North Island".

Since 2011 Linton had been living in a Christian community in the South Island.

In the High Court at Palmerston North he had pleaded guilty to 28 charges covering a variety of indecencies with victims aged 11 to 16.

The judge said the victims reported feeling disgusted and horrible. One said he was an emotional wreck.

Linton had befriended their families and gained their trust.

He had previously served a jail term when 18 months was imposed in 1996 for offences against two victims, one from 1995-96 and the other from 1966-67. 

In 1967 he was sentenced to probation for indecent assault and inducing a boy to do an indecent act.

In 1983 he had been running a book shop and morals campaigner Patricia Bartlett had complained about him selling indecent magazines and he was prosecuted for that.

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