Police crackdown on liquor ban

19:01, May 14 2012

Fourteen people were arrested during a police sting in Palmerston North targeting breaches of the inner city liquor ban.

Teams of officers arrested eight females and six males in the operation, held in the streets surrounding The Square on Friday and Saturday nights.

It is illegal to consume liquor anywhere in the central city except at a licensed venue.

Senior Sergeant Brett Calkin said two of the offenders were arrested for drinking inside cars - one in the Briscoes carpark on Cuba St, the other in The Square.

"They were in the car preloading before they went into the licensed premises,'' he said.

"It was quite concerning how many people were in fact drinking in The Square in breach of the liquor ban.''


There were also at least three instances of people drinking inside taxis in the city, he said.

"We also had information about people being transported into the central business district in taxis, while they were drinking.

Mr Calkin said police would be speaking to taxi companies to discuss the breaches.

"They can be prosecuted in relation to that, however we haven't done that previously because we appreciate it can be a difficult position to be in.''

Mr Calkin said first time breachers were usually released with warnings, but recidivist offenders would be put before the courts.

Manawatu Standard