Two men injured in avalanche

05:25, Jun 17 2012

Two men have been injured in a reported avalanche on Mt Taranaki.

Sergeant Andrew Ross said one man had dislocated his shoulder while the other had injured his ankle.

The Taranaki Community Rescue helicopter has been deployed with two search and rescue staff and a paramedic.

Mr Ross said the rescue team knew the whereabouts of the two injured men, who are both from Taranaki.

The Taranaki Daily News understands they are near Humphries Castle, which is about 1600m above sea level on the northern side of the mountain.

Owner of the New Plymouth Kiwi Outdoors Centre, Rob Needs, said he had spoken to avalanche experts in the area on the mountain who had not seen any sign of an avalanche.

"Speculation is that they have slipped on ice," Mr Needs said.

The current conditions on the mountain were not avalanche conditions, he said.

Mr Needs said the avalanche forecaster for Taranaki was on the mountain and investgating in the area near Humphries Castle.


Manawatu Standard