SPCA seeks homes for survivors

22:25, Jul 03 2012
dumped puppies
HOMELESS: Judith Parkes helps the SPCA by looking after dumped puppies until they find a home.

Four small puppies are looking for a home after being dumped on the side of the road on a night that was so cold two others froze to death.

Feilding SPCA volunteer Judith Parkes said the dogs were found on State Highway 1 near the bridge leading into Bulls.

They were in a cardboard box and were spotted by a passing motorist.

Mrs Parkes said the four that survived were in good condition, considering the night was a typically frosty one. "They lie in a heap, so the two on the outside must have taken the cold."

Dumping dogs happened every once in a while, but doing so in the middle of winter was just mean, she said.

"I don't know how someone can just go home on a frosty night and just sleep and know they left those puppies there to die."


While not endorsing people dumping animals and running off, it was better they were put somewhere safe, she said.

"Anywhere else, like outside someone's door. Not on State Highway 1."

Mrs Parkes said it was best if people rang the SPCA and said they had dogs they could not look after.

"They will take them and look after them."

She has been looking after the dogs since they were dumped, and said they were in good spirits and doing well.

If anyone wants to adopt one of the puppies, or any other animal from the Feilding SPCA, call 323 6407 between 9am and noon.

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