Second man admits role in burglary

The second man involved in the night time burglary of a Palmerston North petrol station has admitted his part in the escapade.

The former Caltex on the corner of Main and Ruahine streets, which shut its doors last month, was broken into about 3.30am on June 24.

And when police caught up with one of the offenders, Jordan Alistair Vincent Millar, 23, he tried to hide his loot down his pants.

The Palmerston North District Court heard yesterday that Millar and Kele Kose, 24, got out of a Mercedes parked near the station, while a third man remained in the car.

“Millar threw a rock at the front door of the shop, but it bounced away. He picked the rock up again and threw it at the door, which caused the door to smash,” a police summary says.

Inside, Millar helped himself to some cigars and the till drawer, although this was later thrown from the getaway car.

Police caught up the burglars, who were driving along Cardiff St, and found the cigars hidden in Millar’s pants.

He told police he burgled the Caltex on his own, but later Kose fessed up to his part too.

Both Millar and Kose will be sentenced next month, while the third man will appear in court later this month.

Manawatu Standard