Crime Watch July 23 - July 29

02:36, Aug 07 2012

Monday July 23

Arrests: 13

Domestic Burglaries: 6

Where:  Vogel St,  Ada St,  Abraham Cr,  Geraldine Cr,  Rawhiti Ave,  Main St.

Commercial Burglaries: 4

Where: Princess St, Tip Rd, Botanical Rd,  Albert St


U/L Takings: 0

Tuesday July 24

Arrests: 5

Domestic Burglaries: 5

Where: Ada St,  Newton Pl,  Stewart Cr,  Fitzroy St,  East St

Commercial Burglaries: 3

Where: Francis Way,  Linton St,  Fitzherbert Ave

U/L Takings: 0

Wednesday July 25

Arrests: 16

Domestic Burglaries: 4

Where: Millar St,  York Pl,  Langley Ave, The Strand

Commercial Burglaries: 0 

U/L Takings: 1

What: Red Subaru Impreza hatch BKA737 

Thursday July 26

Arrests: 15

Domestic Burglaries: 1

Where: Highbury Ave

Commercial Burglaries: 0

U/L Takings: 0

Friday July 27 - Sunday July 29

Arrests: 22

Domestic Burglaries: 9

Where: Main St,  Albert St,  Jickell St, Ferguson St, Upham Tce, The Oaks,  Waldegrave St,  Pitama Rd,  Hulme St

Commercial Burglaries: 2

Where: Cuba St,  David St

U/L Takings: 0

This information is provided by Palmerston North Neighbourhood Support. If you would like to have details of residential burglaries occurring in your suburb sent to your e-mail address each week by belonging to an e-mail tree for your suburb send your e-mail details to

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