Troubled cafe to reopen

06:50, Sep 06 2012

One of the businesses hardest hit by the closure of the Manawatu Gorge road has a reopening date.

The Bridge Cafe, on the Woodville side of the gorge, has been closed since January.

The closure was put down to a substantial loss of income, as fewer people were heading through the gorge to the cafe.

Owner Rebecca Algie said she would reopen the cafe on October 1.

''I'm a bit nervous, but excited to get back into it.''

Ms Algie said she had been anything but idle during the closure.


''I've been working full-time out there, doing the place up and working on the garden.

''It looks a little bit different now; there's been a few renovations.''

Most of the original staff had to take up other jobs after the closure, but demand to work at the cafe had been high.

''I got about 150 applications,'' she said.

''I've spent the last couple weeks working through them all.''

The closure had been tough, but Ms Algie said support from various people - including her mum and dad - had helped her get through.

''They have stood by me through everything.''

The gorge road was closed in August last year because of slips.

The road is open one-way to traffic from Woodville from 8am until 6pm, and open to vehicles from both directions overnight

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