Teen rescued from cliff

A 17-year-old man was rescued off the side of Anzac Cliff with serious injuries following a two-hour search.

Palmerston North police Senior Sergeant Phil Skoglund said police were called about 12:42pm yesterday by someone concerned about the teen's safety.

His family car was found in a carpark on Cliff Rd, in Anzac Park, but when search of the immediate area did not locate him, a dog unit and search and rescue staff were called in.

At 2:24pm, the teen was found halfway down the cliff face, having apparently fallen from the top of the cliff.
He was conscious and waved to rescuers.

When a search and rescue team member got down to him, he was found to have possible back and leg injuries and could not move his legs or his toes.

He was strapped into a stretcher and lowered down to the bottom of the cliff, where he was winched across by the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter, then loaded inside and taken to Palmerston North Hospital.

Mr Skoglund said the search and subsequent rescue of the teen was a multi-agency effort.

Manawatu Standard