Judge reminds truant's mum about obligations

A Feilding mother who didn't stop her daughter playing truant from school has been reminded of her responsibilities.

Fiona Peipi was prosecuted by the Education Ministry after her daughter failed to turn up to her Manawatu high school 29 times this year.

The girl didn't like her teachers and would walk away.

In Feilding District Court yesterday, Peipi, who previously admitted one charge of breaching the Education Act, said her daughter was now enrolled with an alternative education provider and would get picked up from the Feilding railway station and taken into Palmerston North every morning.

Despite that, there had still been six recent absences, although someone had advised the school, prosecutor Andrea Read said.

Judge Barbara Morris told Peipi she should make sure someone was with her daughter to check she was turning up to the train station for pickup.

"Sorry, are you telling me to pick up my two children and make sure she gets on the van now?" Peipi asked.

The judge said it was Peipi's responsibility to make sure her daughter, in her mid-teens, attended school. "I understand that she needs to take responsibility herself," Peipi said.

The judge imposed a 12-month suspended sentence on Peipi, whose provisional name suppression expired. It was initially imposed by Judge Gerard Lynch to protect the daughter.

Manawatu Standard