Duck killer's actions shock witness, SPCA

The Manawatu SPCA is appalled at the actions of a man who killed a duck with his bare hands at the Hokowhitu Lagoon, Palmerston North.

SPCA manager Danny Auger was called to the lagoon on Monday by a distressed woman, who went there to feed the ducks between 2pm and 3pm when she noticed "one hell of a kerfuffle".

The woman told Mr Auger that she watched in horror as a man, described as Asian, grabbed an adult white duck by the neck and killed it after tempting it with bread.

She said the man was in his early 20s, and possibly had a prosthetic leg.

The woman, who could not be reached for comment, confronted the man, but he appeared not to understand English. He ran from the scene after she mentioned calling the police, leaving the duck's body behind.

Mr Auger said the duck had clearly died in a painful manner, having had its neck bent sideways until it snapped. The body is being stored on ice at the SPCA, which is investigating the animal cruelty.

Mr Auger said in the past few years there had been complaints from people who suspected the birdlife there was being stolen. But he said this was the first case of someone witnessing a killing.

Fish and Game manager Phil Teal said his organisation had also received calls from people concerned about the wildlife at the lagoon.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact the SPCA on 06 357 2516.

Manawatu Standard