Man fined for peeping at girl in toilet

A Palmerston North man who peeped over a toilet cubicle wall at a young girl going to the bathroom has lost the battle to keep his name secret.

Andrew James Pincott, 18, was fined $250 after he admitted an offensive behaviour charge relating to a visit to the public library. 

While there he followed a 12-year-old girl into the toilets and peered over a wall while she was in a cubicle.

In the Palmerston North District Court today, defence lawyer Steve Winter made an application to suppress Pincott's name because of the adverse effect it could have on his parents' employment - particularly his mother's. 

The surname was unusual and the family were the only Pincotts in the area, Mr Winter said.

But Judge Gregory Ross said the application did not meet the threshold of ''extreme hardship'' that must be proved.

''There's nothing that imperils [Pincott's mother's] employment save for the perception she would not be received so well,'' the judge said.

''Clearly there's going to be family embarrassment but that will accompany any conviction.''

A court summary says late in the afternoon of April 23, Pincott was in the children's area of the Palmerston North City Library. Also there was the girl and her family.

''[Pincott] watched the victim go into the family toilet and then followed her,'' the summary says.

''He went to the cubicle beside the victim and climbed up on the toilet so that he could look down onto her.

''The victim looked up and saw [Pincott] looking over the wall at her.''

The girl immediately ran off and told her mother what happened. Her mother went to the toilets and confronted Pincott, who denied he had done anything wrong and ran off.

He later admitted his peeping to police, telling them he went into the family toilet because it was ''the closest one''.

Mr Winter said Pincott was to have attended a programme to try to change his behaviour, but he didn't have the motivation to turn up.

His parents were disappointed about that, but remained supportive of him.

Manawatu Standard