Council urges busk, don't beg

23:30, Dec 12 2012
Frazer Devlin, 14, strums a few chords next to one of the new Busk-it stencils.

Busking rather than begging is being encouraged in Broadway Ave with a new initiative that the Palmerston North City Council hopes will liven up the street.

The day after the Palmerston North Safety Advisory Board, which includes the city council and police, launched a "Give Wisely" campaign asking people to give their money to charity rather than to beggars, the council has launched an initiative to promote busking in Broadway Ave, the area worst affected by beggars.

Passion Art tutor Neil Wallace spray-painted stylised purple "Busk It" stencils on the footpath in three places along Broadway, outside Downtown Shopping Centre, Alexanders and Ballentynes/Trade Aid, with the approval of shop owners yesterday.

Cultural co-ordinator Axel De Maupeou D'ableiges said the idea was to bring life into the street.

There were about five regular buskers who he knew of, but Mr De Maupeou D'ableiges hoped more would be encouraged to play by the busker-friendly stencils.

Buskers do not require a licence to perform, but noise control can become involved if it becomes too loud.

The council was planning to see how the stencils went, and if they were well received, they could create more. If not, they could be removed.

Although not part of the Give Wisely campaign, council spokesman Daniel O'Regan said Busk-it gave the public options as to whom they gave their money.


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