10 cent pies for four hours only

01:08, Feb 21 2013

After 45 years in the business, the Rosebowl Bakery and Cafe knows the way to its community's heart is with 10 cent pies.

The Feilding-based bakery is celebrating its 45th birthday on Tuesday and to mark the milestone is putting cheap meat-filled pastry parcels on the menu.

The bakery's two bestselling pies, bacon-and-egg and mince, are on offer at the 1968 price of 10c each - but for four hours only, from 6am-8am then from 10am-12pm (limit two pies per person). 

The McNabb family bought the bakery in the late 1960s and still have a hands-on role running the shop.

"It's a family-owned, family-run business and we're all still here," cafe manager Selena McNabb said.

"My dad bought it in 1968 and him, my mum, us two kids, are all still involved.


"Even our nana, who's 80-something, is in there doing the dishes right now."

The family have already begun planning what jobs need to be done to make sure the 4000-pie quota is filled in time for next week's pie pandemonium.

On the list is pastry to be made, meat to be cooked, cooled and filled, and, of course, pies to be baked, and it would take three or four days to get everything ready in time.

The 45-year anniversary was a nice feeling for the family, Ms McNabb said.

"It's such a huge achievement for a little bakery in a little town to still be here, especially because we've had a lot of competition come and go."

The humble Kiwi pie might not have the pizzazz of a panini or the glamour of a gourmet burger but the Rosebowl's pies still attracted Feilding's faithful, Ms McNabb said.

"You get the parents, the kids, and the grandkids all coming through, there's a bit of a flow-on effect with our customers.

"They know the product and because we are still here they know they're still going to get that same quality we've always had."

The bakery sank its teeth into a similar stunt for its 40th birthday and had a queue of customers weaving down the road and around the corner from as early as 6am.

Labourers lined up alongside pyjama-clad children to claim their fresh, hot pies for breakfast and the shop sold 2800 pies in four hours.

Manawatu Standard