Manawatu Lotto millionaire reveals shock

02:21, Feb 21 2013

Manawatu's newest millionaire says he went into shock when he first realised he had won $2 million in a first division Lotto windfall.

The mystery man, who is in his late 40s, bought his ticket and claimed his prize from the Super Seven Supermarket on Milsons Line.

Almost a week on from his big win, the man still had no idea what he is going to do with the money, but admitted $2 million was "life changing".

He might be the talk of Milson but he was not the region's hottest bachelor, admitting to the Manawatu Standard that he has a female partner.

A Manawatu man, he has lived in the region most of his life and is understandably is keeping a low profile following his "pretty exciting" win, vowing not to tell anyone outside of his family.

He is a regular at the Milson Super Seven and plays Lotto "quite often", always using random numbers.


This particular week he was forced to tape the Saturday draw and ended up watching it on Sunday.  When he realised he was a winner he went into "shock" before heading down to the Super Seven Supermarket, where he had purchased the ticket, to see just how much he had won.

The man is the Super Seven Supermarket's seventh first division winner in about 20 years of it offering Lotto.

The win created mayhem for the store in the days after the win, with people wanting to know as much as they could about the mystery man, store manager Anne Gosnell said.

Despite being forced to be tight-lipped, employees of the supermarket said the winner was a "nice man" and a "very deserving" winner.

The first division win has lifted the store into fifth position in the battle to be the luckiest store in Manawatu dollar-wise.

The Super Seven has now paid out $4.5 million worth of first division prizes.

But that number still pales in comparison to the luckiest stores in Manawatu - Melody's New World and Plaza Lotto - which have both paid out more than $8 million in first division Lotto, Strike or Big Wednesday wins. 

Manawatu Standard