It takes two to create a varied music festival

Last updated 12:00 14/12/2012

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Two organisers, two shows, two cities, and all the bands have two members in them - a music festival hitting Palmerston North tonight has more twos than you can shake two sticks at.

Dave Stevens and Jake Lilley are the duo behind Two Piece Fest, a two-date mini-festival dedicated to two-piece acts.

The first show is in Palmerston North tonight; the second is in Whanganui tomorrow.

Stevens says the idea came about after he found out about the original Two Piece Fest in the United States.

He ran the first local Two Piece Fest last year in Wellington as a "complete experiment".

"It hadn't been done in New Zealand as a big festival before, so we had to find out if people actually wanted to see a lineup of two-piece bands.

"Also, did the bands want to come together? Or did they just not think about themselves as a unit?"

The first festival went well, but financial constraints have put the brakes on another bigger festival early next year.

So, Stevens and Lilley have decided to create a smaller festival.

"Jake was bringing Carb on Carb through, and we thought it would be cool if, maybe, we could do all two-pieces and we could put the festival name to the shows," Stevens says.

The premise behind the festival is very basic - all two-piece acts, but with no specific genre holding things together.

Stevens says it is a great chance to find some new music to like.

"You can go for one act, then you get to experience all these different artists."

The range is diverse: there will be post-rockers Robin, hardcore duo Losses and Electric Fence, an avant-garde duo from Whanganui with a 9-year-old on drums and his 30-something brother-in-law on guitar.

So why Two Piece Fest instead of three, four, or Five Piece Fest?

Stevens says it is all about originality.

"If it was one-piece, it would basically be an acoustic show.

"A three-piece is just a band.

"You really have to get to an eight-piece before it starts to become a niche again."

Two Piece Fest should have something for everyone, Stevens says.

"It's about celebrating the differences."

* Two Piece Fest starts at The Bad Cave in Palmerston North tonight at 8, before heading to Space Monster in Whanganui tomorrow. Entry is $10 on the door, or $5 in Whanganui if you still have your stamp from the Palmerston North show.

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