Peugeot offers unique alternatives

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OPINION: They're hybrids, but not as we know them, says Ben Selby, who samples Peugeot's new 3008 HY4 and 508 RXH.

Outback range gets bigger

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OPINION: Here's a significant addition to the Subaru Outback range in New Zealand - a diesel with automatic transmission. Rob Maetzig reviews the new model.

Revised Mazda3 impressive, composed

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OPINION: A ground-up restart for Mazda's most popular car shows how important it is to the company. Stephen Ottley tests the new small car to see if it lives up to its hype.

The big question

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OPINION: One of the outstanding features of Mitsubishi's new Outlander is that it is available with a choice of petrol or diesel powertrains. Rob Maetzig tries out both in this double trial of the top VRX versions.

Hot hatch mastery reprised

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OPINION: Peugeot is determined to add more sporting achievements on and off the track to its CV, and Ben Selby says this is clearly shown by the new 208 GTi.

Smart Suzuki a good all-rounder

JACQUI MADELIN - © Fairfax NZ News

OPINION: I'm already looking forward to seeing the year-end sales figures when they finally come around.

VW enters Japanese SUV territory

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OPINION: Before VW's new pricing strategy, you'd pay $40,000 for a less powerful Golf hatch, a much smaller offering than this entry-point Tiguan SUV, notes Dave Moore.

A sporty Mini to grace the street

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OPINION: Of all the world's cars, perhaps it is the Mini that best lends itself to special editions, says Rob Maetzig in his review of the Mini Cooper Baker Street.

New Jaguar true to type

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OPINION: Jaguar's famous alphabet of sports cars that started with the C and D-type Le Mans racers and went on to the attention-grabbing E-type in 1961 has finally reached the letter F. Dave Moore thinks it was well worth waiting for.

Pure pleasure

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OPINION: Which is best? The Subaru BRZ or the Toyota 86? Who cares? says Rob Maetzig after a few days behind the wheel of the Subaru.

Pricey, but value for money

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OPINION: Sixty grand for a Toyota RAV4? That's the asking price for the top Limited version of the newly-arrived fourth generation model. Rob Maetzig drives the vehicle and asks if it is worth it.

Four beats six in new Honda Accord

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OPINION: It can be had with one of the sweetest and most powerful V6s in the business, but Dave Moore prefers his Accord with just four cylinders.

Cherokee gears up

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OPINION: The introduction of eight-speed automatic transmissions and a two-wheel-drive model is the big news surrounding the facelifted Jeep Grand Cherokee. Rob Maetzig files from Australia before the vehicle's New Zealand launch.

Hydrogen collaboration no surprise

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OPINION: Perhaps the biggest shock about the just announced collaboration between Honda and GM on hydrogen technology is who wasn't included in the deal rather than who was, writes Dave Moore .

Adventure with much power on tap

JACQUI MADELIN - © Fairfax NZ News

OPINION: Peering through the heavy rain ahead, I can hardly believe what I'm seeing, for the rider up ahead is bouncing his KTM 1190 Adventure R over the ditch and up the bank, then back for the hell of it, before drifting it sideways around each bend.

Famed Alfa cloverleaf is 90

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OPINION: As with Ferrari's prancing horse, Alfa Romeo's own Quadrifoglio Verde graphic was used on World War I warplanes before its racing and high-performance production cars adopted it, writes Dave Moore.

Little Skoda trim, taut and terrific

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OPINION: The Skoda Citigo gets to New Zealand at the end of the year, but Dave Moore has already driven it.

Volvo's new platforms, better safety

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OPINION: Revelling in its independence from one-time owners, Ford, Volvo is pushing its safety credentials ever harder, writes Dave Moore.

Ute is a beaut at Nurburgring

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OPINION: Holden's new VF Ute - that's "pick-up truck" to less civilised parts of the world - has set a world-record lap for commercial vehicles at the toughest racetrack on the planet: The famous Nurburgring in Germany.

Beemer hybrid still an enigma

ROB MAETZIG - © Fairfax NZ News

OPINION: I'm sorry, but I still can't quite figure out why there is a BMW X6.

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