An eye for cinematic splendour

aline tran

Aline Tran doesn't see the world as most people do; she notices detail, light, the way sun or shade falls on a face, the angle, the colour and the tone.

Humour and a few twists in hero's tale


Teacher Tim Jones is known for his humour in class and has brought that to a script written for his school's first production in seven years.

Muscle-building on steroids


Doping sports stars fall from lofty pedestals but experts say ordinary Kiwi gym goers are paying a different kind of price for dabbling in the world of performance and image-enhancing drugs.

'Mr Big' speaks out against steroids

Justin Rys

Wellington's one-time "Mr Big" of the body building scene is now an unlikely poster boy against "juicing".

From flour power to the Cake Tin

Grant Cole

At 19 Grant Cole was armed with political ideals, three banana boxes, flour, a plane, and a like-minded pilot.

Vintage reads: The Call of the Wild

Browsing books

Melissa Goode of Hamilton City Libraries heads to the Yukon in a classic tale.

Thinking about a kinder world

Holding hands

OPINION: Every time you act, you are voting for the kind of world you want.

The art of politics

Claire Robinson

A from a university office that resembles a retro lounge, Claire Robinson has emerged as a prominent political commentator.

Music building bridges


The Lockdown 06 crew have a real presence in the Palmerston North club scene.

Kids create virtual political world

Two 10-year-olds have created a virtual political world, complete with Beehive and miniature John Key.

A whirlwind of kindness

Leigh Rosanoski

Leigh Rosanoski wants to change the world one kind act at a time, and she has all the ideas for it.

Rezistance is futile

"These guys have got the goods."


Palmerston North band Rezist are on top of a national online music chart, with $10,000 of prize money in their sights.

The great gig in the lounge

pink floyd experience

Pink Floyd tribute show Eclipse is heading for small venues with its Live in Your Lounge tour.

Chloe has grand ambition


Chloe Ashdown knows a bit about girl power. She has a black belt in taekwondo and says her sport makes her feel strong and confident.

Vintage reads: 84 Charing Cross Road


Browsers Bookshop owner Rachel Pope has a customer forcefully suggest a book to review.

What a flaming legend

Neil Finn

Neil Finn would rather go down in flames than fade into obscurity.

Sherlock's Kiwi connection

William Honeyman

William Honeyman used logical processes of detective work in his fiction and it fascinated Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

A very sweet life

Jo Coffey

Turning from chocolatier to film maker seems to have been a piece of cake for Jo Coffey.

Centrepoint Theatre's fix it man

The quiet doer of things that need to get done

Luke Anderson

Meet production manager Luke Anderson - the quiet doer of things that need to get done.

Life in style ahead

Jodi Walker knows the fashion industry is a tough one to get in to, so she is making sure she puts herself forward at every opportunity. Carly Thomas speaks to Jodi about her latest project. 

Memories break tradition

The Renaissance Singers

On Sunday the Renaissance Singers presented a concert focusing on music from stage and screen.

Vintage reads: The Name of the Rose


Kylie Thomson of Hamilton City Libraries finds a great novel from not that long ago.

Finding a lost continent


New science shows New Zealand is part of a continent that's 94 per cent underwater.

Ripe for the eating

Prawns and pineapple

Pineapple and prawns make perfect partners.

Man in the frame


Film Commission boss Dave Gibson talks about how he got into the business and the future of film.

The Phantom is here

Most expensive locally-produced musical in city

Phantom strap

The truth needs to be told, speculation laid to rest. The Phantom of the Opera is here.

All roads lead to uke fest

Uke strap

Jennifer Moss is bringing a festival to Palmerston North that will get people up singing and dancing.

Light in the dark

Robin Hammond

Kiwi photographer Robin Hammond was desperate to escape his ‘boring' NZ existence for the real world.

Conquering Edinburgh

Fringe fest

Kiwis are getting to grips with the challenges of taking a show to the largest arts festival in the world.

Kumara soup with a twist a true comfort

Ruth Pretty's pumpkin soup

Ruth Pretty revisits a soup from one of the classic vegetarian cookbooks.

Contemporary realism fires artist


Artist Adele Souster crafts moments in time with her art, using the sky, earth, weather and shadow in oil paintings of New Zealand landscapes.

Poetic weave


Words usually written in solitude have found a collaborative home in a trio of poetry books to be launched tonight.

Being self sufficient

Pig on a lifestyle farm

It is a long way from New York to Marton, but Max Varney is pleased he made the journey.

Getting the beat

SIO Vaelua

Connecting with young people can be hard, but Sio Vaelua seems to have cracked the code.

Spotlight on prejudice

Skin Theatre is not just a theatre company that sets out to entertain.

Bloomin' rude neighbours

Blossom tree

OPINION: It's not that people cut down some of your blossom tree, rather that people don't have the courtesy to ask.

Tough act to follow

Danielle Cormack

Danielle Cormack, like many Kiwi actors, took a leap of faith to Australia. It's a gamble that's paid off.

Nicely stuffed

Ruth Pretty

Fresh, corn-fed chickens will always roast better, giving plump, juicy meat and crisp skin.

Novel's hero found by chance

Little-known Dr Dieffenbach comes to light

Novel strap


A new novel by author Dr Thom Conroy has seen a little-known historical figure rescued from the margins.

Smoking rules rejected


Calls for penalties to punish people for puffing away in public outdoor places narrowly defeated.

A rich slice of cheesy '80s TV


America had Dynasty and Kiwi television audiences had Gloss.

Weather or not

Wild weather

Olivia Wannan spent a month testing the three rival forecasters' predictions. So who gets it right the most?

50 years in the firing line

	 Graham Perry

The armed offenders squad shares the stories beyond the balaclavas on their 50th anniversary.

Stop shouting, I don’t care

talking, phone

OPINION: Modern telecommunications wizardry has bred a new generation of shouters.

Wake up, speak up!


Shihad's new album is a political statement against the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

Lights, cameras, create

Evento's wearable arts spreads its wings


From small beginnings to becoming an event that is anything but small.

Offstage stars

Ballet allegro

Behind the closed doors of the Royal New Zealand Ballet are many hidden gems.

Golden girl Kimbra gets real


Only a Kiwi girl could find a sheep farm in the middle of Los Angeles.

Study trip perks up principal

Peter Brooks

A Palmerston North school principal is brimming with bright ideas after a three-month sabbatical.

Cooking in the 'real Italy'

Cooking in Italy

In Italian cooking everything must be made from scratch, and everything must be authentic

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