Songbird back in national choir

New Zealand Secondary Students' Choir member Darryl Fuller at Waiopehu College in Levin.

Shannon singer prepares for concert with national choir.

Teuila's turn for the humpty dumpty

Teuila Blakely and Scott Cole on Dancing with the Stars.

REVIEW: The lucky dippers who vote on Dancing with the Stars made the right call.

Fairytales anew

Tall Poppies Community Theatre rehearse their school holidays production: From left: Kate Costello, Liam Allen, Aneka Patel, Meg O'Connor, George Baldwin and Katie Aitkins.

Goldisnowerellahood is a fun and interactive show scheduled for the school holidays by the Tall Poppies Community Theatre Trust.

Sticking to a winning gameplan

Teeth brushing might be a normal part of your morning routine but for talented netballer Ruby August it's actually a good luck charm.

Flood cleanup adds to stress

Rural Women tells people to seek advice for stress coming after floods and snow.

Shane and Nerida make giant leap on DWTS

It was a giant leap of faith for Shane Cameron to offer his broad shoulders to Nerida on Sunday night.

Art born out of hidden spaces

Gold leaf guilded kowhai sculptures made by Palmerston North's Paul Dibble.

The first in a series of articles highlighting the Manawatu region looks into its vibrant arts scene.

Troubled portrayal of Beach Boy genius

Paul Dano as Beach Boy Brian Wilson in Love and Mercy.

REVIEW: Love and Mercy will appeal to rock surf and pop devotees.

Mulligan cute in Madding Crowd role

Matthias Schoenaerts is one of Carey Mulligan’s love interests in Far From The Madding Crowd.

REVIEW: Far From the Madding Crowd. An absorbing English period drama.

Walking against the flow for whio

The cute goat moment at  Mesopotamia Station.

Whio, our very own unique New Zealand duck are endangered and need all the help they can get. Carly Thomas spoke to a dedicated pair who put on their tramping boots and took the whio's plight up the spine of the South Island.

Seeing the funny everywhere

Comedian Cori Gonazlez-Macuer is stopping off in Palmerston North as part of a national tour.

Comedian Cori Gonzalez-Macuer is going on his last tour just prior to the birth of his first child.

The dark side of funny

Crew member Luke Anderson took on the character of the dead body and then went on to edit the film in the early hours of the next morning.

Forty-eight hours to make a seven minute film that a cinema full of people will watch, it's a tall order, but a Palmerston North crew did just that and more, they walked away with not one, but two awards. Carly Thomas caught up with the Outcast crew to talk about what exactly it is that makes dark comedy so funny. 

Music venue doing a great job

Harry Lilley is one of the organizers of Great Job's first music festival.

Palmerston North's all-ages venue Great Job is holding its first music festival a year on after opening.

Celeb status can't save True Detectives

The second series of True Detectives (Soho, Mondays) has been breathlessly awaited in some circles as the next best thing since rates by instalment.

New tutor brings new ideas

UCOL's new performing arts tutor Lilicherie McGregor directs her new students in a rehearsal for their mid year performance.

UCOL has a new performing arts tutor who has a wealth of experience.

No more encores for Corkery

REVIEW: Pam Corkery can't escape the noose in fourth week of DWTS.

Bright with fight

Dannevirke High School student Lauren Carr won the SmokeFree Rockquest Wairarapa regional title in the solo section and the APRA lyric award

Lauren Carr has a heap of passion that she is directing into her songwriting and as Carly Thomas found out, it is not going unnoticed. 

Beautiful performance amid storm

CDT231110:Anna Gawn is to appear with Taihape's Arcadian Singers.

REVIEW: Review: The Choral Society presented a beautifully reflective works by New Zealand composers themed around Gallipoli,

Hot Pursuit burns out fast

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara offer cold comfort in cop comedy Hot Pursuit.

REVIEW: Hot Pursuit

Slow West far from slow and very south

The Old West has a decidedly Southern vibe to it in Slow West, which was filmed in the South Island.

REVIEW: For New Zealand distribution, this unusual take on a western movie might have been renamed Slow South.

20 years from home

Win Tun leads the Burmese community in Palmerston North, which consists almost entirely of refugees

In honour of World Refugee Day, Thomas Heaton recounts one Burmese man's fight, and eventual flight, from his home country.

Compositing a future

The 98-year-old contract.

A piece of Palmerston North history came alive for Ben Mayo when he found an old apprenticeship contract among family papers.

Ensemble show spreads 'infectious joy'

Vintage trombones playing in a big band.
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REVIEW: Turnovsky Jubilee Ensemble. Chamber Music New Zealand. The Speirs Centre, Wednesday, June 17th

A lost and found sound

Part of Rob Thorne's musical journey was discovering the ability for sound and music in objects such as stone.

Rob Thorne is a musician who works in the realm of the ancient, bringing to life traditional Maori instruments that had, at one time in our history, faded into obscurity. Carly Thomas watched, listened and experienced the music, the man and the mystery behind taonga puoro.

Read The Signs on Feilding's past

Dorothy Pilkington with her book chronicling the stories behind Feilding's street signs.

A former Feilding woman's new book The Signs of the Times chronicles the town's history.

DWTS turns into a farce

The third week of Dancing with the Stars left Peter Lampp shaking his head.

OPINION: Dancing with the Stars so lost its cred on Monday night with Colin Mathura-Jeffree and Kristie Williams cruelly rumbled.

Young leader flying high

Michaela Conlan loves the dicisipline of the Air Training Corps.

Michaela Conlan is a young person who doesn't shy away from hard work and discipline. Carly Thomas spoke to her about how embracing those two things has paid off. 

Crunch time for Jay Jay

The Dancing With The Stars judges Stefano Olivieri, Candy Lane and Hayley Holt.

REVIEW: Jay Jay Harvey enacted one of the most spectacular crashes in any of the four DWTS.

A life with strings attached

Anna Bailey wears one of her body puppets during her Biscuits and bullets show at Te Manawa's, Totaranui cottage.

Puppetry it is a skill and passion that has taken Anna Bailey around the world.

Sword swallowing

Burmese Cat show. Sammy a burmese blue, won 2 runners up, best in show & 2 judges choice, owner is Gemma Holleron from pnth

This product contains small parts that make it unsuitable for children less than 3 years of age. Unfortunately, my patients can't read and anyway, they eat almost anything that is standing still. 

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