A dedicated follower of fashion

Kate Arbuckle with designs of her dress which has made it into the final three of the Brother Design Stars sewing and craft competition

A Palmerston North student has designs on winning a career in fashion.

Benny Tipene takes to Europe

Benny Tipene in Greece, one of his stop-offs on his European trip.

Benny Tipene set off on a European tour lately and Carly Thomas caught up with him for a bit of a chat.

Dogs can leave others needing stitches

Dog on lead.

I never thought I would get older but it seems to creep up on you. Some may remember Sunday family picnics or Dad taking you fishing but these seem to be unfortunately forgotten as life is very busy and many people work on Sundays. And that includes us here at the hospital.

Yarn bombers strike again

A member of Wooly Riot at work on the boulders at the Napier Rd entrance to the city.

Palmerston North's Woolly Riot have been bombing the city again...with wool.

Earthy inspirations in art

A series of new mixed media works, 'Bonanza', by Cam Munroe at Zimmerman Art Gallery.

Bonanza is the Zimmerman Contemporary Art Gallery's latest exhibition from Cam Munroe.

Exhibition spins a colourful yarn

Maureen Anderson, president of the Spinners and Weavers Guild, ahead of the annual exhibition at Taylor Jensen Fine Arts Gallery.

A Palmerston North exhibition puts some creative and colourful wares on show.

Memories made in music

Kathi Craig and the Showcase Singers are presenting a show full of favourites.

Some old favourites are among the musical repertoire for Palmerston North's Showcase Singers' upcoming show.

Words are her way

Amy Atkins' poem, Spinning Yarn.

Amy Atkins knows where she is going. She is young, ambitious and is rapidly filling up pages with words. Carly Thomas sat down with her to talk about her writing, her acting and the blank page of her future that is waiting to be filled. 

Beer and music combine

Sonic Delusion is coming to Palmerston North, launching a new beer and album.

Interpretive beer is a thing according to a band launching a brew and an album in Palmerston North.

Tim's stupid dessert wins MasterChef

Tim Read in MasterChef NZ.

OPINION: Paul Henry (TV3 Tuesday) called it ludicrous and "bloody stupid" and I agree.

Colour pops up on Coleman Mall

Artist Georgia Lambert has brought a burst of colour to Coleman Mall.

Palmerston North artist Georgia Lambert loves colour and she has added a splash of it to a vacant shop.

The path to spirituality via science

Rohana Ulluwishewa has written a manuscript that aims to demystify spirituality.

Rohana Ulluwishewa is publishing his award-winning manuscript to help people look rationally at spirituality.

REVIEW: Choir delivers social message

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REVIEW: Hailing from Australia, the Newcastle People’s Chorus is a twenty-eight member strong, union choir with a repertoire which places emphasis on social justice and worker’s rights.

Puffing billies go for a long stroll

Nick Nolte and Robert Redford in A Walk in the Woods, the cinematic adaptation of Bill Bryson's book.

REVIEW: Two hilarious puffing billies take a hike in yet another walking film.

Boomergang cats, dogs and the holiday season


Pigeons are not the only ones who can find their way home over long distances.

Theatre made from the ground up

Rosheen Leslie rehearses Bi the Way.

Massey University Drama Society members are doing everything for themselves, figuring it out along the way and putting something fresh on the Palmerston North stage. Carly Thomas sat down with an eclectic mix of students to find out more about their new festival.

Bleeding for her art video

Palmerston North artist Hana Tawhai uses her menstrual blood, cremated animal remains and human teeth in her art.

A Palmerston North artist is putting herself into her paintings by using her menstrual blood.

Episode succeeds in changing history

On air.

OPINION: Before the Kennedys there was another political dynasty, the Roosevelts.

'Dad joke' gets film into finals

Jamie Morgan-Ward and Ryan Allen are a film-making duo who want to raise their profile.

Two Palmerston North film makers are hoping for a win at an Australasian video competition.

Everest reaches the summit of emotions

Kiwi mountaineer Rob Hall portray by Jason Clarke in the disaster movie Everest.

Emotional Everest disaster drama doesn't leave a dry eye in the house.

Logan achieves one leap at a time

Logan Wilson-Bryant is excelling in Taekwondo

Logan Wilson-Bryant loves taekwondo and he's pretty good at it too.

Sicario is one scary crime thriller

Sicario director Denis Villeneuve with actors Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro.

REVIEW: Sicario

Morsels of emotion

Skin Theatre's production of "Bites". From left, Mark Kilsby, Maree Gibson and Therese McCrea.

REVIEW: Bites, Skin Theatre, Dark Room, Saturday 19 September;

School holiday fun with fabric

Artists Ron Te Kawa and Kate Wilson-Bryant will be holding a school holiday programme.

A school holiday art programme held in Palmerston North will conclude with an exhibition at Te Manawa.

Why cats cough up furballs

A cat's tongue has hundreds of backward-pointing spikes designed to lap liquid and also rake through their coat and pull loose hair out.

So what is a furball?

Last Night of the Proms is back in Palmerston North

Christmas in the square. Anna Leese

In Palmerston North, our own Last Night of the Proms is being held at the Regent on Broadway.

Ballet impresses at Regent

Those who missed the Royal New Zealand Ballet production of A Midsummer Night's Dream can see it on Saturday at Rotorua's Civic Theatre at 7.30pm. Go to:

REVIEW: Royal New Zealand Ballet’s has performed its magnificent new version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Palmerston North

Art as a reflection of life

Artists Brenda Manu, left, and Eris Newson are combining forces for an exhibition at Square Edge Gallery.

An exhibition set to open in Palmerston North tackles more than just art.

Te Manawa Concert series plays on

Harp player Anne-Gaelle Aussiel and flutist Diana Neild will be playing at this month's Te Manawa Concert Series.

This month's Te Manawa Concert Series will be played by two Palmerston North musicians.

The art of dying

Presenting the messy truths of families, from left, Stuart Devenie, Alex Greig and Ginette McDonald.

Centrepoint Theatre is about to open a new play that reveals the comedy at the heart of an everyday tragedy. Carly Thomas had a look at rehearsal.

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