Restaurant, cafe, bar and cinema feeds and entertains the community

Sonya Rawson at Focal Point Cinema's cafe, Feilding.
Faith Sutherland

Sonya Rawson at Focal Point Cinema's cafe, Feilding.

It's not just the coffee that keeps the regulars coming back to Focal Point, although it certainly helps.

As a cafe, restaurant, small artsy cinema and wine bar rolled into one, Feilding customers have a lot to choose from.

Sonya Rawson had her first experience at Focal Point's cafe on Thursday.

"I just popped in on my lunch break. It was quick and easy and the food was good. I would definitely go back," Rawson says.

For close friends and regular customers Pat Smith and Trudy Smith, the food and the coffee are Focal Point's selling point and they have sat at the same table nearly every day for lunch in the past few years.

"The coffee is good, the food is awesome and the chef Kerry is just the bomb," Pat says.

Trudy says the pair will rarely stray from their local for their daily lunches and attend senior movie mornings nearly every Monday or Tuesday.

"We always come here and go to the movies, we attend the senior mornings and we'll have a coffee and book a table for lunch afterwards," Trudy says.

"The girls always know what table we like, they sit us round the back where it's nice and quiet and warm," Pat says.

She is diabetic and gluten-free.

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"I have to be careful with what I eat and they're always so good and they make me special stuff I can eat. If you want something different it's not a problem, they are very accommodating," she says.

The pair say they both enjoy the chicken risotto on the Focal Point menu.

Branch manager at Focal Point Paula Gardner says they see regular customers come in the door from the early hours of the morning, although it isn't just the regular customers enjoying the food and service.

Ruth Harrison moved to Feilding on Tuesday and was enjoying her first meal at Focal Point with her sister.

"It has good food and coffee. I've only slept in Feilding for two nights and I'll definitely be coming back for the coffee," Harrison says.

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