Mum's the word in doubles - times three

19:43, May 05 2014
SEEING DOUBLE: Three employees at Spectra Hair all have identical twin girls - Stacey Dawson, with Demi and Piper, 5; Jean Sturm, with Chlow and Abigail, 13; and Barbara Kenny with Brooke and Elyse.

When the women of Spectra Hair celebrate Mother's Day they don't do it by halves - they do it in multiples.

The celebration is a hot topic in the Palmerston North salon, where three staff members have identical twin girls. But they're adamant there is nothing in the water, or the hair dye.

Spectra Hair owner Gabrielle Bundy-Cooke said it was amazing that three of 10 staff had identical twin girls, which she can't tell apart.

"We saw months ago a story with all the twins in one class, and one of my staff said you do realise we all have identical twins here," she said.

"They said it would be really rare because they're all blonde, all female, and all identical - in the one salon."

Client services manager Barbara Kenny was told to expect twins one week before they were due, after some difficulty conceiving her first daughter.


"It took me forever to get pregnant again so I just thought it was never going to happen but it did, so I was delighted. To find out it was two was a bit of a shock," she said. "I had one tiny room set up for a tiny baby.

"I think the reality hit home when I couldn't get the twins' pram in my normal doorway, I had to take it through the garage and ranchslider."

Now 27 years later, her twins Brooke and Elyse still have a special connection.

Senior stylist Stacey Dawson, who has 5-year-old daughters Demi and Piper, and one son, said it was good to be able to talk to other mums about raising twins.

"It's quite incredible. It's not like we have a huge staff," she said. "It's a bit freaky, lots of people have twins but identicals are a bit more rare and then we all have girls, so it's pretty cool."

The twins once broke the same bone in the same arm, one week apart, Dawson said.

On Mother's Day she usually cooks a family dinner but her twins will make her breakfast in bed and a card.

Apprentice stylist Jean Sturm has five daughters, including 13-year-old twins Chloe and Abigail.

"I thought it was quite special, having twins. A lot of people say ‘poor you', but I think it's pretty cool." Sturm said Mother's Day in her house was usually breakfast in bed, a cup of tea and handmade cards from her daughters.

May 12, Mother's Day lunch and dinner options are being held at the Hotel Coachman in Palmerston North, The Little White Rabbit in Foxton Beach, Highden Manor Estate in Manawatu and Village Inn Kitchen, Palmerston North. A concert will be held at the Regent on Broadway, and Jazz Lunch will be held midday at the Ashhurst Inn.

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