Skaters hope council will help out

Calls to resurface the Memorial Park skating rink could be heeded by the Palmerston North City Council.

Swamp City Roller Rats and their coach and NZ Roller Derby player Justine Saunders have made submissions on the draft Annual Plan asking for the upgrade.

Saunders said it would be a "fantastic resource" for the public, and could also serve as an outdoor training and events venue.

Roller Rats spokeswoman Esther Fou said the concrete area near the paddling pool was too rough for beginner skaters and for those in training.

"The skating rink is currently heavily cracked and has an uneven surface, making it difficult and unsafe for wheeled activities.

"We wear safety gear, and we would not use it.

"It would not just be for us, it would enhance the park."

She had an estimate that the work would cost about $24,000.

It would then be fit for purpose, and children and families would be able to enjoy a range of wheeled activities.

"Calling it a skating rink implies that you can skate on it, when in its current state, you cannot do so safely."

Council property manager John Brenkley said the project had not been on his radar, but that could change. "If there is a demand, and since someone has actually submitted, we could probably get it on to our priority list.

"It makes setting priorities easier if we know someone wants something done."

The council has a budget for renewals at Victoria Esplanade, Memorial Park, Ashhurst Domain and The Square worth $231,000, which could be added to or reprioritised if councillors supported the project.

Manawatu Standard